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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. And yes, I am thirsty.

A few notes:

Cash Saver installed a bicycle rack at the Madison location. Two words; “awe-some!” Thank you. Now I can load up the bicycle basket(s) with beer. Thanks again.

I have also heard a “rumor” of bicycle racks at the Wiseacre Brewery.

wiseacre prices

I am still waiting for confirmation of the bike racks there. I am not the only cyclist that rides up to Wiseacre for a few refreshments.

One more day of work, then a vacation to New Orleans.

Serious beer drinker having a Santo Beer.

Serious beer drinker having a Santo Beer.

And it cannot get here soon enough. My work days are still crazy. And my day will continue to be crazy tomorrow. And I will give you ONE guess who has yet to start packing. Just one more day, just one more day.

See YOU back here for more bikes, beers, and New Orleans. Cheers.