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Manic Monday Midtown.

What a day. I started my day at Republic Coffee. Yes, I took my bicycle there. Nothing special, except that I took the bike back home. I took my vehicle to work today. Yes, my crazy work week has begun. At work, we usually run one program at a time. This week, we are attempting to run two programs during the same week; one in the morning, and one in the evening. The logistics are difficult. “You start, I will finish. Then, I start and you finish.” I had to create a spread sheet just to figure out who was doing what and when. The whole thing will only last a week, but doing two programs at the same time makes for a long day for myself.

Found this pumpkin at the Farmers Market. Now THAT is a pumpkin. Pumpkin pie anyone? Yes, I will get some pumpkins, just not that one.

big pumpkin

In other news, I am exercising by doing push ups and crunches every other day. I used to do 1000 sit ups (many years ago). I’m not doing 1000 sit ups. I’m not that young. I was speaking to a younger guy at work today. He can do 28 push ups at a time. I’m not there yet, but I am trying. Monday – Wednesday – Friday is my workout schedule. Wish me luck. I am doing crunches as well. Even working out every other day does the body good.

As I was doing my workout, a message popped up. I won two tickets to see the Eagles! Free! Good for me. I have been to an Eagles concert in the past. The “Hell Freezes Over” tour to be exact. An Eagles concert is fun. A friend told me a story about the band backstage many years ago. As much as you hear about the differences between the band members and all of the in fighting, all of the band members sat down for dinner; together. You don’t see that every day.

Done. Probably a repeat for tomorrow. Bike ride, coffee, work. Late. Have a great work week and “Take it easy.”