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Sunday Midtown. Get out!

The fun continues in Memphis; with an international twist. Saturday evening, my wife received a message from a friend that she would be at a show downtown at the Center for Southern Folklore (119 S. Main Street Memphis, TN 38103). The show? Joyce Cobb and Hank Sable.

joyce cobb hank sable

I have heard Hank play in the past. He is good. Real good. Not only does he play guitar, he sings as well. We head downtown and walk into the hall… only to find a wedding party. Uh… We are NOT in the right place. After asking around a bit, I find out that the show is in the shop next door. It turns out this show will play to an international audience. There is a guy from Italy in the crowd. There is an entire table of Japanese tourists. A couple from Switzerland is here for the show. And a mother and son from Norway is in attendance.

Joyce Cobb has an excellent voice. In between songs, she would discuss the history of the blues to the audience, which was translated by the Japanese translator. Hank and Joyce traded off vocal duties. The Center for Southern Folklore is a solid bet for live music. Judy, the co-founder of the center, makes you feel right at home. She can also dance! Several couples kicked up their heels during the show with Judy.

Enjoying the show

Enjoying the show

During a break in the show, we asked the Norwegian couple to sit at our table with Hank and Joyce. The mother is writing a book about female blues singers. This is the first time they have traveled to the states. They flew into N.Y.C., then went on to Chicago. Memphis was the next stop. Their plan is to head south in the upcoming week, making stops in Clarksdale and New Orleans. I asked the couple what they thought of the U.S. They liked touring the U.S. but said, “Your food portions are huge. We only order for one and share the meal.” The son asked me about Hi-Tone. Even in Norway, they know about Hi-Tone. We really enjoyed the show as well as meeting people from far away places.

Another event “rolls” through Memphis in October. The “Bike to Campus Day” event happens on October 8th. Meet at First Congo Church at 8:00 a.m. for a ride to the University of Memphis. OR… you can meet at Shelby Farms in the Shelby County Weekend Offender Parking Lot (State Rd. & Mullins Station) at 7:15 a.m. and take the Greenline to the University of Memphis. Although I like the “Greenline” option, it would be silly for me to ride 8.5 miles to Shelby Farms, then turn around and ride to the University of Memphis, and then ride back to Shelby Farms. I’ve done the “Bike to Campus” ride a few years ago, see a post from that event here. Nice ride.

Sunday? It is National Coffee Day. (Okay every day is National Coffee Day for me.)

Love in a cup.

Love in a cup.

Yes, I had my daily cup of coffee and read the news. So when is National Beer Day? 4/7/14. Mark your calendars. Cheers!