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Sunday Midtown. And the weather is beautiful.

Saturday evening we walked up to the corner of Cooper Young for some eats and some people watching. Wow. Stick around for five minutes. Characters are unlimited at this intersection. If you are a writer, just stick around for an hour. You will find your hero, villain, a woman in distress and your plot just by watching those who walk by. You can’t make this stuff up in Cooper Young.

We started at Young Avenue Deli with a burger. While having a drink and waiting for the burger and sweet potato fries, we people watched. And watched. And watched. Characters aplenty in Cooper Young. Next stop was Burke’s Book Store. Although it had been some time since we had stopped in the shop, we did find some books to purchase.

Margaritas and books

After the book store we stopped in at Cafe Ole for a couple of margaritas. Yes, those are the books we purchased. The Chuck Klosterman book “Killing Yourself To Live” is good.

Think of the book as a road trip report with drugs, sex, women, and music. If you like music, you will like this book. Klosterman writes smart. He is sharp. I’m digging the book and I paid $5 for the road trip journal.

Klosterman’s other books are:

Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs

and “I Wear the Black Hat“.

Hmmm… I will have to put these books on my reading list.

Sunday morning I woke up early and looked over the news, the Commercial Appeal to be exact.


Front page? Yeah, that is me, riding my bicycle home from work at the bottom of Shelby Farms. I did see a photographer taking photos. I thought he was taking pictures of the intersection. The photo was for an article about the Kirby Parkway project that would cut through Shelby Farms.


(That is a different subject that I have already posted about on 9/17/2013)

What did we do today? Best Memphis Burger Festival at Minglewood Hall.

Best Memphis Burger Festival 2013

Only yesterday I saw this post on Twitter by Best Memphis Burger:

“Just remember when you write about #bmbf13 it’s only our 2nd year and it rained all day last year. We’re still learning.”

So how was the event? Good! The festival looked professional. I didn’t see any problems. (I worked big and small events for 15 years. I know how things should look, how events should run.) The sun was out and so were the people. When we walked into the gates I heard a live band playing classic rock.

Grand theft audio best memphis burger

Grand Theft Audio were rocking the place. From Sabbath to Zep to classic 80’s bands, these guys were jammin’. And that guitar player was shredding. I have heard this guy play in the past, I just can’t place him though.

Enough about music, time for some burgers.

best memphis burger festival

Yes, that is a “BURGER” as big as a football. Now I’m hungry. We walked around and sampled each of the teams burgers. Some booths gave us a full burger, some gave us half and some gave us a quarter burger to try (samples with a cash donation). Some burgers were unique. Some burgers were good. Some burgers needed some work. The winner gets a nice trophy.

best memphis burger trophy

Take that Burger King. The judges tent was surrounded by people attempting to take pictures of the burger entries. As the crowd was asked to back away from the table so the judges could score the burgers, I snapped this photo from the side:

Best Memphis Burger BIG Burger

The Leaning Tower of Burger. Wow. I have no words. My prediction? This festival will only grow into a bigger event. Good band, good burgers, and good people. My only suggestion? Team up with local breweries (Wiseacre, High Cotton, or Memphis Made) and let them sell beer at the festival. Best Memphis Burger Festival; you did well. See you next year.

Yes, it was a good day to be living in Memphis. Love it. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and burgers. Cheers.