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And we made it to the weekend. Beautiful weather just adds bonus points to Saturday and Sunday.

I began Saturday by picking up my bicycle from work (I left it there due to the rain Friday night). By 8:00 a.m. I was riding on the Greenline heading west. There were tons of people at the park and along the Greenline this morning. Near the end of the Greenline a couple of cyclists were tailing me. An older couple wearing pro gear. I will say that they stayed right on my back. I thought I would lose them a few times, but they kept up.

Next stop was Republic Coffee. I need my caffeine fix!

valentines day coffee cup

Then it was time to head to Central BBQ. Love me the wings.

Spicey wings!

Spicy wings!

The line to get into the joint stretched out to the street! But… I called my order in 15 minutes ahead of getting there on the bicycle. I just walked up to the side door at the cash register, told them my name, and my wings magically appeared in front of me. CALL IN YOUR ORDER! No need to wait in that huge line at Central BBQ. I sat and ate the wings and watched the crowd in line waiting to order. By the time I ate my wings, the same people were still standing in line. Is it bad that I have Central BBQ listed as a favorite telephone number on my phone?

Next stop? Wiseacre Brewery on Broad St. If you haven’t been to the brewery, you need to go.

wiseacre taproom

The new brew is Neon Brown. Fresh tasting beer for you!

Love in a glass

Love in a glass

And it appears other cyclists have found the brewery as well. After I locked up my bicycle outside, I noticed two other cyclists walk into the place for a few beers. Gonna need a bike rack outside. I also noticed several people were stealing my game plan and followed me from Central BBQ to Wiseacre Brewery. Hey, it is a great plan; Central BBQ then Wiseacre Brewery.

Remember, Wiseacre is credit card only. Your cash is no good here. And… after I left Wiseacre last week, I noticed I didn’t tip the bartender. “Hey, that credit card machine didn’t let me tip the bartender. And there was no tip jar.” So I asked about tipping today. I was told, “We try to make it stress free as possible. No tips necessary.” Well there you have it.

While sitting down at a table and drinking my beer, I overheard a young woman discussing Memphis. She has lived in Memphis for a year and a half. She said she “didn’t hate Memphis” but was having trouble “liking Memphis”. Give it a few years. Number one, EVERYONE comes to Memphis. The Beatles, The Stones, ZZ Top, and yes Elvis. Number two, in a few years she will love sitting on the patio at Central BBQ, chewing on some wings and drinking a locally made beer. It is only a matter of time. Memphis has it all; music, food, beer and good times. The quality of life is good here. There is so much to do in town, you only have to put in a little effort to find things to do.

Remember, Best Memphis Burger Fest is Sunday. Go!

Done! See YOU back here for more beers, bikes and Memphis. Cheers.

Serious beer drinker having a Santo Beer.

Serious beer drinker having a Santo Beer.