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Finally Friday Midtown. “Bout time.

My day? Let me first say I will never laugh about anyone who falls off of a bicycle again. Yesterday I was listening in on a conversation when someone commented that they had fallen off of a bicycle. “Who falls off of a bicycle?” This morning I was riding my bicycle to work near the Hollywood / Avery intersection when I crossed the WET railroad tracks. Yeah, those tracks are slippery, and that is when I fell off of my bicycle. Karma hurts. Point taken life. It was sort of like falling in slow motion. I wasn’t hurt. Only my pride was hurt. Hope no one saw that.

By the time I came to the second set of train tracks a train blocked my path

Trains, you block my path!

Trains, you block my path!

and the rain began to fall. Time to get out the rain poncho. Once on, the poncho worked well. If you ride your bicycle in the rain, or the day after it rains, you may want to know something. Here is a hint. If your bicycle does not have fenders, you may want to ride in a dark shirt or wear a jacket. You will end up with a long dark stripe of dirt and mud down the back of your shirt. I watched as two women passed me, with mud stripes on the back of their shirts. Ooops. I had my poncho on, so although my bicycle ended up filthy, my clothes were clean.

Plans for Saturday and Sunday? Wiseacre is in the cards for Saturday

wiseacre taproom

as well as Central BBQ.

central bbq wings

Memphis Burger Fest takes place this Sunday at Minglewood Hall. Oink. I’m in.

Remember Trolley Night downtown on South Main is NEXT Friday evening. If you have never been to Trolley Night, GO!