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Thirsty Thursday Midtown.

A couple of notes. We went to see the film “The Source Family” at the Brooks Museum.

the source family

I LOVE to see films at the Brooks Museum. The films are usually interesting, and The Source Family did not disappoint. It was the early 70’s. Join a cult in L.A.? Why not. Sex? Check. Drugs? Double check… man. Rock and roll? They recorded “65” albums (most of them made in an eleven month period). Take that Alx Rose. I will say the movie was “not” boring. Crazy yes, boring no. Even better, four elderly ladies were sitting next to us in the theater. I have two words for you; NAKED HIPPIES. Yes, it even made the film even better, or worse depending on who is sitting next to you. At first I thought the ladies were going for a look ’round at the museum. Surely they cannot be here for the film. They were there for the film. And all cult leaders should die in a hang gliding accident. That seems very appropriate. Sure was an interesting evening.

We stopped in at Kroger after the show. I found this event coming up shortly.

haunted home tour memphis 2013

Now you have something to do 10-13-13. Four historic homes PLUS the grounds of the Annesdale Mansion. I wish I were in town that day. Annesdale Mansion? Been there. The space is excellent.

annesdale estate memphis

annesdale estate memphis

$15 for a good scare? Go! Call 901-726-6084.

Done. Time for a

midnight kiss drink

See you back here for more sex, drugs, rock and roll, and hippies. Cheers.