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Two for Tuesday Midtown.

This item came up briefly while I was at the Cooper Young Festival.


You are reading this correctly. Officials want to put a highway through Shelby Farms. Ummm…. no. Maybe officials do not understand what “P-A-R-K” means. Usually parks DO NOT have highways running through the park. Just sayin’. It’s a “park”. Usually people want to “get away” from the traffic and congestion. People do not want to experience fast-moving traffic in the park. But your officials want to put the traffic INTO Shelby Farms. You can see the plans for the “Kirby Parkway” here.


Yes, I am trying to figure out how those who use the Greenline would get into and out of the park. Especially from the Northwest or Southwest sides of the park. The traffic is bad enough on Walnut Grove Road. Farm Road and Walnut Grove Road is one of the most dangerous intersections in town. (I should know, I cross Walnut Grove Road TWICE daily.)

Hey, what do Shelby Farm officials think about the project? From the Shelby Farms website:

“We asked to be guaranteed that:

  • The Parkway design makes it easy for visitors to get to and around the Park
  • That Walnut Grove won’t be widened and that its speed limits will be reduced, and that Sycamore View will not be extended through the Park
  • That the Parkway prioritizes bike and pedestrian access and connectivity to the Shelby Farms Greenline and Wolf River Greenway
  • That the Parkway enhances bike and pedestrian access to and from neighborhoods around the Park
  • That the Parkway enhances pedestrian and vehicular connectivity between the north, south, east and west areas of the Park
  • That the Parkway doesn’t harm our floodplain or aquifer and honors our natural environment
  • That the Parkway design complements the bold and aspirational vision for Shelby Farms Park
  • That the Parkway has underground utilities and no lighting
  • That tractor-trailers won’t be allowed on the Parkway. That citizens will be provided an easy to understand 3-D model of the Parkway in relation to the Park at a public meeting in the fall and will have full opportunity to comment.”

I’m not feeling the love for this project. I wouldn’t call myself a “tree hugger”. I do not understand putting traffic INTO one of the best parks in the country. I enjoy the park, five to six days a week. I like the park the way it is now. I doubt the park can be improved with a “parkway” inside of it.

What can YOU do? Show up at the public meeting at the Agricenter International (7777 Walnut Grove Rd, Memphis TN 38120). The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 9/24/2013 from 5-7 p.m. SPEAK YOUR VOICE. Ask HARD questions to the TDOT and Shelby County officials.