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And… I’m back. What a day I had Saturday at the Cooper Young Festival. I went… TWICE. Let me tell you about it.

The first stop of the day was at Barksdale restaurant. It had been a while since I had stopped by the place. And the joint was JAMMED full of people. Probably doing the same thing I was doing, having breakfast BEFORE heading over to Cooper Young. Bacon, eggs, sausage and toast. Excellent. Then it was time for the Cooper Young Festival. I took the bicycle over to the event. Yes, I could have walked over since I live in the neighborhood, but it is much easier for me to bike on over to the event.


I have to admit I was shocked at the attendance by 10:00 a.m. EVERYONE was in Cooper Young early this year. Yes the weather was great. (Usually the temperature is nearly 100 degrees, or at least feels like it.) I attended the event two years ago and three people were at the event at 9:00 a.m. Not this year. I also noticed many more booths set up. Good art work was showcased as well.


One of the first booths I stopped in was Memphis Threat. GREAT t-shirts. I already have the Memphis “Misfits / Ghost” t-shirt. Looks like I’m getting the “Danzig” shirt today.

memphis danzig

I spoke to the shirt designer. He liked my maiden t-shirt that I was wearing. Possibly a new Iron “Memphis” shirt in the works? I hope so.

iron maiden number

And he accepted credit card, which was great, since I had yet to pick up any cash.

Moving on. Yes, it is true. The state is working on putting a highway THROUGH Shelby Farms. I am not making this up. I spoke to a person at the booth at length about the plans. I will post more about this idiotic plan in the next few days.


Memphis Made Brewing Company was also present for the event. Their tent looked busy all day long. Best t-shirt? “3-8-1-0-POUR”. Awesome. A friend purchased a few of their shirts, including the “Pour” shirt. #jealous


Another interesting booth was the “Reading is Sexy” booth. Yes, sex sells. Even in books. (The “romance book industry” or what I like to call “naughty housewife books” take in more than 1.4 BILLION DOLLARS a year. Wow.) Still an interesting booth. And yes, the book is better than the movie.


I really like the photo above. The photo is just how I took it, nothing was edited.

Next stop, the Growler Memphis booth. I spoke for a time with one of the guys from the store. “I need something to hold my growler on the bicycle!” “We’ll find something for you!” Good stuff. I am excited about Growler Memphis coming to Cooper Young. “Took my bicycle to the growler store…”


The Growler Memphis will be located at 921 S. Cooper Ave. in the heart of Cooper Young.

Another coffee shop is coming to Cooper Young. Tart Coffee Shop will be located at 820 S. Cooper.


I will have to try the joint out.

We stopped by Cafe Ole for a margarita while taking a walk in the crowd.

margarita cafe ole

Yes, Cafe Ole was VERY crowded inside. Wait time for a table? At least 30 minutes, my guess much longer than that. It was much easier to get a margarita to go at the bar.

Oh yes, we did stop by the Archer booth. And yes, their booth as VERY crowded. Good stuff produced. I like it!

i love memphis art

The above wood block was purchased for my mother for her birthday. See more of the work here. Christmas is coming up. The artwork makes for GREAT Christmas presents for out of town family.

After the event I stopped in at Central BBQ for some love (wings and beer).

central bbq beer

central BBQ

All and all the Cooper Young Festival 2013 was a good event. I love the neighborhood and the people. The funniest part of the festival? We met a couple of friends there and she started to talk about how she found a blog about “things to do in Memphis”. She scrolled down the page and found MY picture. “Oh yeah. I write that blog. Sorry, forgot to tell you ’bout it.” So thanks for reading Lauren!

See YOU back here for more beer, wings, bikes, books and fun. Cheers.