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Finally Friday Midtown. And it couldn’t get here soon enough. What am “I” doing? Lots.

Today was BEAUTIFUL for a bicycle ride to work. 70 degrees outside? I’ll take it. I did get blocked by three different trains today though. What am I? A train magnet?

After work I decided to stop by the BMX fields at the bottom of Shelby Farms to check out the Tamale Trolley. From Facebook today:

“Shelby Farms Park Dinner Drive Food Truck Rodeos kicks off this evening (Friday, Sept. 13), 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. Tonight will feature offerings from Quincy’s, Tamale Trolley, and Lick the Plate.”

I attempted to get some tamales on Broad St. from Tamale Trolley many months ago. After waiting in line for 30 minutes, the Trolley ran out of tamales.

Tamale Trolley Broad Ave

Take two. I rode up to the Tamale Trolley truck today at 4:55 p.m. Three trucks were supposed to be there from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. When I arrived only TWO trucks were there. When I checked in at Tamale Trolley, they were not ready to serve yet. Ummm…. Strike two Tamale Trolley.

Some others though do not let you down. Let me explain. We stopped by Cash Saver this evening. Oh yes, taste testing tonight. How about some Oscar Blues?

oscar blues beer

Taylor James was helpful pouring samples. AND there was the pineapple salsa.

crazy good pineapple salsa

When the label reads “Hot!”, the salsa IS crazy hot. Really. I grew up in South Texas. I KNOW salsa. (Yes, I’ve been to salsa festivals in the past. You CANNOT try every salsa. You can’t. Don’t try.) We purchased a bottle of the salsa that will last a good long while. This salsa reminds me of South Texas Salsa. Crazy Good Salsa will taste GREAT on breakfast tacos.

And yes, I picked up some beers in a “build your own” six pack. This time I went with some pumpkin beers.

cash saver beer

Need a six pack sampler? Just pick a bottle carrier off the shelf and pick six. It is that easy.

build your own cash saver

Have you purchased your Cooper Young Regional Beer Fest tickets yet. I got mine, you get yours. This event will sell out… FAST. Don’t wait. What do I like about the festival? Yes the event has beer. More importantly the festival brews up a good crowd of people to chat with. The CYRBF is a “social event”. You will end up talking to many different people you don’t even know. Good beer and a good mix of people. ANOTHER good reason why I like this festival? You can also get a “designated driver” ticket. FREE. My wife doesn’t like beer. I do. She can go to the event with me, socialize, and drive afterwards. No worries. Works out great for both of us. Thank you CYRBF for this perk. GET TO THE EVENT ON TIME. Talk to the beer reps. You WILL enjoy this event. Saturday, October 19, 2013, from 1:00-5:00 PM.


Yes, that is me above, raising a glass at the festival.

Plans for Saturday. Coffee. Cooper Young Festival as well. (It’s right down the street!). Bikes and beers as well. Cheers.

Ummm... Beerrrrr....

Ummm… Beerrrrr….