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Manic Monday Midtown.

I spent yesterday afternoon at the Memphis Public Library… for about 1 minute total.

My new library card

My library card

Every year you must renew your library card. Doh! Seriously, the whole process takes about 10 seconds. I complain too much. GET A LIBRARY CARD! The books are FREE. FREE! For the most part I just download digital books to my Ipad or Ipod and read the FREE books that way. Love it!

Speaking of books, I found this excellent article about audio books from http://www.usatoday.com. I have listened to a few audio books in the past. I’m not a huge fan, mostly because of the cost and length of time you must invest in the book. I will say that audio books are GREAT for long drives though. And… the Memphis Library has audio books to download FOR FREE.

Coffee… get some.


Speaking of heavy metal, YOUR favorite rock band from the 80’s “Killer Dwarfs” is playing the Rockhouse Memphis, Tuesday 9/10/2013. Even better? There is a deal:

“We are giving you a TRUE FACEBOOK SPECIAL!

***** JUST $5 to get into the KILLER DWARFS MODERN SUPERSTAR concert TOMORROW! ******

THAT’S RIGHT – FIVE DOLLARS GETS YOU NOT ONE BUT TWO INCREDIBLE BANDS, UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL! ORDER NOW – THIS IS A LIMITED SPECIAL! Full bar and food will be served. Doors open at 6PM sharp! ORDER YOUR TICKETS ONLINE NOW: http://www.rockhouselive.com/detail.cfm?artistid=60. You may also pre-pay AT ROCKHOUSE LIVE. Mention the Facebook special!”

I got my tickets, you get yours. Rock out to the Killer Dwarfs for just $5. I know where I will be tomorrow night.

Speaking of the night, I work late this week, so my ride home is in the dark. I’m not big on riding in the dark. Yes, I do have lights.

My bike has Christmas lights!

Lights on my wheels. Lights on the frame. Lights on the helmet. Lights on the my basket. Lights on the back of the bike. Lights on the front of the bike. My only problem? Others DO NOT have lights. If you are running, walking or cycling along the Greenline (or anywhere else at night), use a light! I can’t see you in the dark.

My other issue is the fact that I can’t tell exactly where I am exactly along the Greenline at night. Yes I use the trail daily, but without my usual landmarks, I am a bit disoriented and I have to ride slower.

Speaking of bikes, a local ad agency “archer>malmo” has installed a “bike garage” at their offices downtown. Cool. Read more about this “bike garage” from the Memphis Flyer here. The company even purchased a communal cruiser bike for employees to run errands on while working downtown. Two words; awe-some.

Cooper Young Festival is arriving soon; 9/14/2013 9 a.m.-7 p.m.

Cooper Young Festival

Now the festival is way crowded.

Last year? Last year I was barely able to walk after having surgery. Times have changed. My plan is to get to the festival EARLY. If not, you wind up fighting the masses. Everyone else in town is going. Are you?

Done! And beat. See YOU back here for some 80’s rock, Cooper Young Festival and bike lights. Cheers.