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Finally Friday Midtown. Yes, I’m back. Time for the weekend.

First things first; Nashville. This was my first trip to Nashville. I know, I know. “Dude, you’ve never been to Nashville?” As much as I have travelled the world, I had yet to check Nashville out. Glad I went for a couple of days.

I met up with an old friend to see the Iron Maiden show in town. Before the show I rented a bicycle to cruise around town for the day. I had a good burger, and drank a few beers at The Flying Saucer. The Nashville Saucer is HUGE, but filled to the brim an hour before the concert (at Bridgestone). $3 beers at The Saucer compared to the same beer $10 at Bridgestone; ahhh… that is why the place was packed.

Friday morning I walked around downtown Nashville and found this:

bicycle bus

A bus with a bicycle mural AND with bicycles INSIDE the bus.

From www.thebicyclebus.com “The Bicycle Bus is a community mural on a school bus-turned-downtown bicycle hub. To inspire: just as art is for everyone, bikes are for everyone too.  Once completed, the bus will be fully outfitted with bicycles and function as the downtown hub for Green Fleet Bicycle Tours & Rentals.”

Returning home I found this in the mail:

british flag wristband

Something to ride my bicycle with. Wait till I get the shorts! (shades of Def Leppard).

I also picked up the Choose 901 t-shirts from Republic Coffee.

choose 901 shirt

$5 and it is mine. Thanks Choose 901!

Lastly, a few notes about taking the Greyhound bus to another city. I was not sure how that would work out exactly. I had taken the bus to Austin years ago. That worked out well. So how was my experience this time around? Good for the most part. I could have rented a car or flown to Nashville, but I decided to chance a ride using Greyhound. It is cheap, and I don’t have to drive. Wi-fi is available on the bus as well as a power outlet for mobile devices. Most people slept during the ride. People kept to themselves. If you are worried about using Greyhound to get around, don’t be. The service is pretty easy and worry free.

Done! My plan this weekend? Coffee, beer and rest. See YOU back here for more beers, bikes and Choose 901.