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Finally Friday Midtown. Get ready for the holiday weekend.

Me? Busy at work and riding my bike ’round town. A few other notes:

I downloaded “The Kings Deception

by Steve Berry from the Memphis Public Library. FREE! I would have purchased the book! Yes, the book is good. Thanks Memphis Public Library.

Again I am working on a Raspberry Pi project.

I had a small set back with the operating system. Basically I had to create a new OS (the last one short circuited or something like that) and load it to the SD card (which equals hours attempting to find the problem, then solving the problem). The OS is fixed, but the adjustments to the monitor display have to be reset (in other words, more time spent looking for the code for adjustments). Finally, I am working on creating a motion activated camera to work with the Pi. I have the camera, I just need to connect the camera to Pi and download THAT program (more time). When THAT is done, I will work on making the whole system powered by a solar panel.

I saw something strange for the last few days.


These shoes have been sitting on a bench at the Tillman end of the Greenline for the last few days. Weird that someone forgot their shoes, but stranger that no one has taken the shoes.

Plans for the next few days? With company coming to town I see BBQ


in my future, as well as La Michoacana ice cream.

La Michoacana 2

Throw in some Sweet Grass Next Door

sweet grass mussels

and Wiseacre beer for some extra good times, along with Cooper Young.

Young Avenue Deli

Yes, it sounds like a busy few days ahead. I better get ready to ride my bike in the neighborhood. Wiseacre has just opened on Broad (2783 Broad Ave). Here is a note from the new brewery as of today:

“One more reminder on tonight: we are cash free and only take credit cards. We are NOT doing growler fills or tours this weekend, but will be soon. Please be patient as we attempt to figure out another set of operations in taproom these next few weeks. This weekend only our first two batches of Tiny Bomb and Ananda are on draft, but there will be plenty more styles on their way in the future.”

Can’t wait to try Wiseacre out. My prediction? Wiseacre will be a game changer in town. Good beer, taproom, & GREAT location all add up to success. The competition had best step up their game. Just sayin’. As Cash Saver on Madison has changed the game for beer in town, it appears Wiseacre will do the same.

That’s it. See YOU back here for more Midtown and Cooper Young fun. Cheers.