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Manic Monday Midtown. A very busy weekend Saturday and Sunday. Here we go Memphis.

Alright, how about some pictures from the Midnight Classic Bike Tour 2013.

midnight classic bike tour 2013 pictures

midnight classic bike tour 2013 pictures 2midnight classic bike tour 2013 number

midnight classic bike tour 2013 tshirt

The shirt above is the one I received for the ride, but I decided to go with my “Ride Me” t-shirt instead.

ride me bicycle t-shirt

I liked many things about the ride and had a problem with some things. The ride began with all cyclists starting at the same time instead of the start staggered. My guess is that the start would have been better had the crowd been staggered. And that stretch of Belvedere needs to be reconsidered next year. Remember, the street is divided, with cars parked on the street. There are a few thousand cyclists riding down this street, nearly at the same time. A different northbound street would have been a better choice. And that line for food at 1:30 a.m. ONE LINE for food for a couple of thousand participants. At the back of the line I noticed a volunteer asking about beer. The beer was at the end of the food line, but you could just walk up and get a beer without standing in that huge food line. Who needs food. I asked for a beer and my beer wristband was marked. “I’m gonna need a bigger wristband”. I sat and drank my beer, occasionally going back for more.

beer midnight classic bike tour 2013

By 2:30 a.m. the line was nearly finished for food. I looked over at the tables and found only donuts. Oh well donuts and beer make a good snack.

My favorite quote of the night at 2:30 a.m.? “Take what you want. I don’t care at this point”. Say no more.

I live only a couple of blocks from Tiger Lane, so the trip home was short. (No driving involved.)

I slept in Sunday morning. Okay, until 12:00. Time for a movie. We headed over to the Brooks Museum for the foreign film “In the House“. A very french movie. The story was good as well as the performers. I liked the film. Creepy? Yes. Interesting? Yes. Thanks Brooks Museum.

Sunday evening I was reading the Memphis Flyer and I noticed an ad in the paper for a show. “Killer Dwarfs” play the Rockhouse, September 10th, 2013 @ 8:00 p.m. Killer who? HOLY CRAP! I LOVE the Killer Dwarfs. If you grew up in South Texas in the 80’s, you KNEW the songs from the band. Radio disc jockey Joe Anthony, “The Godfather of Rock and Roll”, would play “Can’t Lose” at the start of his shows. Joe Anthony was instrumental to the success of bands such as Rush, Triumph, Metallica, Maiden, & Moxy just to mention a few. No other stations would play these bands, yet you could hear the music from unknown bands on his show late at night. The album “Dirty Weapons” is excellent. I still listen to the album to this day. If you want to rock out old school style, head on over to the Rockhouse 9/10/2013. I’ll be there.

The ride to work was fine this morning. At the bottom of Shelby Farms I looked upon something I see quite often. (Walnut Grove Rd and Farm Rd)

walnut grove car accident

Trying to make that light doesn’t always pay off.

Done. I’m beat. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and bbq. Cheers.