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Weekend Midtown. Get out!

Busy day today. I began by taking the bicycle by Republic Coffee for some iced coffee. After reading the news and checking social media sites, it was off to Central BBQ. Here is a pro tip. If you plan on eating at Central BBQ on Central, call in a take out order ahead of time. No waiting in line. I called in my order of wings and headed on over. Unfortunately I was caught by a train; TWICE.

Trains, you block my path!

Trains, you block my path!

The first train was headed south bound. No problem. I can wait this train out. As soon as the train passed, a second train passed heading north. Yeah, that is a bit too much for me to wait. I headed south down to Central to go under the train tracks.

Luckily at Central BBQ my wings were ready. I also ordered a High Cotton beer to go along with my wings.

central bbq beer

Oink. Nothing better than local beer and bbq. (Although that glass is a “Brooklyn” glass, it is High Cotton beer.)

Plans for tonight? Catch a movie, then head over to the Midnight Classic Bike Tour at Tiger Lane (nearly across the street from home). Here is some information about tonights event below.

midnight classic bike tour 2013 information

Yes, I will be there. I’m looking forward to the ride thru the streets of Memphis tonight. The night belongs to bicycles!

Look for pictures from the ride in the next few days. In the mean time, keep cool and have a great weekend Midtown. Cheers.