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What… a… day. Exhausted.

Last night we stopped in at the Brooks Museum to see the film “Berberian Sound Studio“. Best sound effects of the year? Yes. The story needed some work. The acting in the film was very good by all players. Creepy? Yes. Basically the movie is a film within a film. Except you don’t actually see the film the actors are working on. You “hear” the film being made. Weird, disturbing, and odd, but an entertaining movie.

If you didn’t catch “Berberian Sound Studio”, there is another creepy movie showing at the Brooks Museum. “In the House” plays at the Brooks Museum 8/25/2013 at 2:00 p.m. The previews for the film were CREEP-Y. I’m in.

Work threw me under the bus today. Fun. Just what I wanted. And after work it was another day of riding my bicycle and dodging motorists. Yeah, you are supposed to STOP at red lights and stop signs.

Done. Exhausted. Back to work tomorrow for a 10 hour day. Cheers.