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Waffle Wednesday Midtown. Get some.

Where have I been for the last few days? Working. Hard. Last night I worked until 10:30 p.m. The work is not difficult, but 12.5 hour work days take it out of me. I’m beat. (I accidentally wrote something out incorrectly today. When my mistake was pointed out… Me- “Sorry I worked until 10:30 last night.” Him- “Is that an excuse?” Me- “Yeah, I call working a 12.5 hour work day AN EXCUSE.”)

In the last few days I have:

1) registered for the Midnight Classic Bike Ride 2013.

Midnight classic bike tour 2013

Yes, I am getting ready.

2) I ordered some LED lights for my bicycle for the ride.

I have a BLUE set of LED lights, but this time I want to use RED lights. For the most part I use these lights during the fall season, when I ride my bicycle at night from work.

ice bike 2012

Above is the blue set of lights I have used in the past. There are three different settings for the lights; on, slow strobe or fast strobe. I still need to order a few more lights for the ride, but things are coming along nicely.

3) I have purchased a few Choose 901 Neighborhood t-shirts. Yes, I will pick my t-shirts up at Republic Coffee later this month. YOU can get YOUR t-shirt by following THIS link. The last day to get shirts is 8/8/2013. And get your shirts a.s.a.p. These shirts sell out FAST.

Plans for the rest of the week? VACATION! Yes, I will be in New Orleans for a few days starting Friday.

Love me the Cafe Du Monde.

Love me the Cafe Du Monde.

We are heading to the Big Easy for a wedding and a bit of eating and drinking and eating and drinking. Who am I kidding; I will “eat my way” thru New Orleans. Gumbo, every single meal!

Pier 424 New Orleans

Gordon Biersch; HERE I COME.

gordon biersch new orleans

Love me the beer at Gordon Biersch. I am also planning a stop at the Avenue Pub at 1732 St. Charles Ave. Great beers await me inside.

Done. Beat. My “crazy eleven week work schedule” is nearly finished. I go back to a regular schedule (10 to 5) next week. I can’t wait. See YOU back here for some beers, bikes and New Orleans. Cheers.