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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Time for a drink… or three.

MANY items to go over, so let’s get started.

I began my day at Republic Coffee. I had my coffee then set off east down the Greenline. I was on a mission; to find my bike lock. “Somewhere” along the Greenline last night, I lost my bike lock. It “could” be at work, but I am pretty sure I lost it somewhere on the Greenline. The entire ride to work I am looking for that bike lock. After I reached the top of Shelby Farms, I continue to look for the bike lock. At the bottom of the second hill I spied something on the ground. Something long and grey. My bike lock! Wow. The last place I expected to lose the lock was at the bottom of the hill. I stopped, picked up my lock, and continued on to work.

Of course work was crazy today. I would never expect less. By the time I set up all of the equipment outside, I was hot and sweaty. Fun. I worked outside supervising others for several hours. After I put all of the equipment away in the afternoon, I started to sweat some more. It’s hot outside!

Time to get back on the bike for the ride home. I ride across Walnut Grove Road and head into Shelby Farms. I’m on the path and notice a large bag sitting by itself. I stop. What’s this? The package looks like trash. I open the bag. There is an IPhone and Ipad in the bag. Wow. Someone is going to be missing these items. I ride up to the visitors center and drop of the items at the front desk. Hope you get your stuff back bubba.

Finished the ride home as hot as it was outside. I really like seeing seven cyclists at a street intersection waiting to cross the street. Is the Greenline getting crowded? Lets ride Memphis!

Once at home, we headed over to Cooper Young for First Thursday. We parked at Kindred Spirit Style at 2172 Young Ave. A special someone is getting a birthday present from this shop. And… the shop has 38104 t-shirts for sale. Going to have to get me one.

i love memphis art

LOVE the artwork by a local artist. Yeah, I purchased it. (Lindsey Archer also sells items at the Etsy website. Check out her work.) Kindred Spirits Style is an excellent place to get presents for your family that live out-of-town. Go!

Our second stop was Alchemy. I ordered my favorite dish; tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. As I finished up my meal, Taylor James from Cash Saver walks in. We chatted a bit about… beer (what else). Great guy. If you need good beer at a good price, check out Cash Saver in Midtown.

cash saver beer

Stepping out to leave, we found a guy selling t-shirts on the corner. Really “cool” t-shirts. I like ’em. New shop in the neighborhood. If you know where the “Autobahn” garage is on Central, the t-shirt shop is located right behind it on Cox.

art house tshirts memphis

I have been by the place in the past, but didn’t know exactly what was inside. I will HAVE to check this shop out. Arthouse T-shirts, here I come.

DONE. Beat. Friday, I can’t wait till you arrive. Let’s finish the week strong. See YOU back here for more beer, t-shirts and Memphis. Cheers.