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Waffle Wednesday people. Get some.

Exhausted. Last night my wife felt like getting a fried egg sandwich at Sweet Grass Next Door.

sweet grass next door 2

Yes, this is our place for the fried egg sandwich.

A plate of love.

A plate of love.

Very good food and service at Sweet Grass Next Door. For a drink, I ordered a Palm Belgium beer. I like this beer. This beer is good. To end the evening we picked out the Sour Cream Deep Dish Apple Pie.

Gotta love it!

Gotta love it!

The book I am currently reading is titled “Waiter Rant” by Steve Dublanica. Want to know what really goes on behind the scenes at your favorite restaurant? This book tells it all. I am hooked on the book.

Good stuff.

I was tempted to just drive to work this morning. The rain was only drizzle, but as I thought about it I said “whatever” and took off on my bicycle. The rain didn’t really start until I reached the bottom of Shelby Farms. No worries.

After work, the rain appeared on the horizon. Would I escape the rain? Although I tried to outrun the rain, it didn’t exactly work out that way. By the time I reached the bottom of Shelby Farms the rain began to come down. The rain was light, but I broke out the rain poncho anyway. At Shelby Farms, the rain chased away most of the visitors.

The Greenline didn’t have many patrons either. Although some were riding bicycles without cover, I had my poncho. When I reached Waring, the rain had stopped. And that is when I discovered I didn’t have my bicycle lock. Hmmm…. I am HOPING I left the lock at work. Hoping….

Speaking of the rain, I really do not mind riding in the rain. What really bothers me is the rain-soaked shoes. Uggg… I hate it when that happens. The rain poncho covers me up pretty much. As long as the rain is not falling horizontally, in my face, then I am okay. A little water will not hurt me OR you.

Done. I am REALLY beat. Exhausted. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and sour cream deep dish apple pie.