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Manic Monday Midtown. Let’s ride.

Yes, I took my bicycle to work this morning. I am still working on riding my bicycle slowww…errrr. If you can’t appreciate the ride, what’s the point.

A few notes. The Kwik Shop Grill at the corner of E. Parkway S. and Central is now selling beer. Months ago I walked into the store and found only Coke and Pepsi. “Where is the beer?” I asked. “We don’t have any” was the reply. Just a guess, but the store lost their license to sell? The beer signs are back in the windows and they now sell beer. I usually do not buy beer at Kwik Shop because of the higher prices ($10 for a six pack?). Another slight problem are the bums that frequent the store for the singles. They stand outside of the store and ask for money. I did notice a big decrease in bums when the store stopped selling beer.

After I left work this afternoon, I noticed many cars backed up along Walnut Grove Rd. at the bottom of Shelby Farms. Yeah, another bad car accident. Walnut Grove Rd. and Farm Rd. has to be one of the worst intersections in town. As I attempted to cross Walnut Grove Rd. (heading north), I noticed a car to my left. As I was crossing the street, the motorist slowly turned, but never stopped and made a right turn in front of me. I’M CROSSING THE STREET! Give me a break.

Speaking of bicycles, I went by Peddler Bike Shop Sunday to pick up some chain lube.

rock and roll lube

Lately my chain has been making a bit of noise and seemed to have some friction while riding my bicycle. Following the directions on the bottle, I applied the lube to the chain. This morning my ride was very smooth. That slight noise disappeared, and I noticed less friction. Good stuff.

Done. I’m beat. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and bbq šŸ˜‰