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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Hey, how was your day?

I took the bike to work as I do every day. I’ve been riding to work with my bicycle going on three years now. Usually the ride is pretty much the same every day; not many surprises. At the top north-west part of Shelby Farms I usually pick up the pace to gain momentum to ride up the first of two hills. As I get to the bottom of the FIRST hill, I see this:

shelby farms hay

That’s correct; hay. Somehow this roll of hay was in the center of the trail. I stopped and snapped a few pictures. I don’t see hay “on the trail” every day.

I did find an excellent article in the New York Times today about cycling and how to get motorists to notice you while out riding your bicycle. Here are a few of the items in the article:

Loud Bicycle: Want a car to notice you, but you only have that tiny bike bell? How about something a little louder; a horn that comes close to making the sound of a CAR HORN. That’s right, a “Loud” horn. The Loud Horn is a bit pricey for me at $95.

Bicygnals: Need signal lights for your bicycle? Bicygnals gives you wireless signal lights for both the front and back of your bicycle. Good item if you ask me; especially if you ride at night on the city streets.

XFire Bike Lane Safety Light – What I like about this product is that XFire uses lasers to produce a “bike lane” for your bike while you move down the street. Some have claimed that the “bike lane” that is created is not nearly as wide enough as a real “bike lane”. I think I am interested in the product just because it creates lighting on the street that catches the motorists eye. That AND… lasers. Got to have some lasers. Yes, I’m probably going to purchase this product.

The article goes on to name many more products designed to keep you safe at night. Good stuff.

Done. I’m beat. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and lasers. Cheers.