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Weekend Midtown. Get out and have some fun… or at least attempt to.

Woke up early. Had breakfast (breakfast taco’s. If you have never experienced breakfast taco’s, you are missing out), and promptly fell back to sleep.

I woke up again a couple of hours later and we headed over to the movies for a couple of films; “The Conjuring” and “Pacific Rim”. My wife will not attend the creepy movies, so I was on my own. We purchased our tickets, then went to see our various films. “The Conjuring” was supposed to begin at 1:10 p.m. I waited and waited and waited for the film to begin. At 1:20 the manager stepped in and announced that there were some technical difficulties. It would take 8 minutes for the system to reboot. 10 minutes later, the manager said he was told it would take another 5 minutes, but we could collect a refund as well as a free movie pass for a future movie. He thought the movie would start “at some point”. At 2:00 p.m. the manager announced they would show the film in another auditorium and we had 5 minutes to get there. The audience all stood and moved. We all settled in and the film began… except there wasn’t any sound. After two minutes the sound began… TWO MINUTES AFTER THE VIDEO! The sound and video were not synced together. My mind doesn’t work that way. Amazingly the audience just sat there, watching the movie with the sound and video out of sync. An employee entered the auditorium and announced they would attempt to re-start the movie. Yeah… I’m done waiting. It is now ONE HOUR after the film was supposed to begin. I enjoy movies, but this movie wasn’t playing today.

With an hour and a half to kill, I stopped in at Starbucks. Not that I am a fan of the chain, but I needed coffee. “Let me have your largest coffee please.” I sat and read the New York Times (good Sunday edition by the way).

If you REALLY enjoy movies (which I do), check out “Filmumentaries“. This guy gives you the inside breakdown on some of your favorite films. Perfect for that long ride to work. This evening I will convert the video file to MP3 and load that sucker up. Love me the “behind the scenes” of movie making.

After my aborted attempt at the movies, we headed over to Hueys for a burger.

Hello Huey Burger

Hello Huey Burger

Oink. At least this turned out right. Thanks Hueys! As always, customer service is very good. I appreciate it.

Tomorrow should be interesting. The forecast shows rain Monday. The winds should be low though. Kinda iffy for a bike ride to work. I may have to see which way the wind is blowing tomorrow morning.

Done. See YOU back here for more movies, beers and bikes. Cheers.

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