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Weekend Midtown. Get out and have some fun.

Me? Long… tough…work…week. Thursday I took the bike to work. Nothing unusual. By the afternoon it is pouring down rain. Lucky me moved equipment by myself in the rain… without an umbrella… or raincoat. So much fun. Thursday evening my wife picked me up from work. I “could have” taken the bike out for a ride, but I didn’t want to tempt fate by riding home in a storm.

Since my bicycle was left at work Thursday, my wife dropped me off by work Friday morning. That evening, we stopped in at Los Delicious for dinner with a friend. Good margaritas and okay food.

Wait, it gets better. After a terrible night of sleep, my wife drops me off at work Saturday morning a little after seven. Yes, SEVEN IN THE A.M. That’s correct. I had to work ALL day Saturday. I don’t mind working Saturdays in the spring and fall, but I am already busy at work in the summer time. Work all day Saturday, THEN ride the bike home 13.2 miles. A hot Saturday evening with temperatures in the 90’s. There were not many people out along the Greenline this afternoon.

A quick stop by Busters and I am set for the evening.


I have also discovered that I purchase the CHEAPEST vodka in the store. That’s right. If you want the best, don’t stop by my place for the best liquor. Beer? Yes, beer I will spend money on. Vodka? Uh… no.

My “Prometheus” soundtrack CD came in the mail.

Freaking EXCELLENT CD. I love it, from start to finish. Even better, I picked it up from Ebay for $5 ($1!!! shipping!)

Even though some braved the rain for the scavenger hunt, The Sunset Scavenger Hunt on Broad Ave has been rescheduled. From Twitter:

Broad Ave Arts@broadavearts #sunsetquest new date for Sunset Quest is Thursday, Aug 1 5-9pm”

sunset quest broad ave

Read more about the Broad Ave event here.

Yes, I am currently WAY behind in EVERYTHING. I have yet to read the new Memphis Flyer. I haven’t read the daily news. And I haven’t checked in on my favorite blogs. And speaking of blogs… YOU can vote for YOUR favorite blog here!


Done! Time for a couple of drinks, then bed. See YOU back here for more bikes, books and FIREBALL. Cheers.