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Two for Tuesday Midtown. Lots to discuss, so lets get started.

It appears Republic Coffee will soon offer a “Little Free Library” at the Midtown location. For those of you who are not familiar with the Little Free Library concept, you borrow or add a book to the tiny library. No cards are needed to check out a book. Just find one you like… and take it with you. Make sure you add books as well to the LFL, so that others may have a chance to read a good book too.

On to the juicy stuff. I attended the Greenline East Extension meeting tonight at Shelby Farms. Arriving early, I thought only a few people would turn out. I was wrong. The meeting was nearly at capacity for the small meeting room. People are VERY interested in the details of the Memphis Greenline extending from the North West section of Shelby Farms to Cordova. Wait. What about Germantown Parkway? How will that work? I’m getting to that part. Laura Adams started the meeting with several slides and information about the park and the current Greenline. Afterwards, architects and engineers discussed the proposed extension of the Greenline heading east. And from what I heard, the plan is awesome. Some of the notes I took are as follows.

The Greenline East Extension will total 4.3 miles.

The western part of the Greenline stimulated economic growth. The eastern extension should create business opportunities as well.

Neighborhoods along the new extension will have access to the new path.

Shelby Farms will take over a building near Raleigh / Lagrange. This can be used as a visitor center and have bathrooms for Greenline patrons.

The new eastern extension will have one trellis bridge. The bridge is in good shape.

Building a bridge or tunnel over / under Germantown Parkway is not cost-effective. Nearly 60,000 motorists drive along Germantown Parkway daily.

The answer to crossing Germantown Parkway is an “Offset trail crossing”. (Greenline users cross the street to the center of the street. They then wait in safe holding area, then cross the second part of the street to the other side)

Memphis Greenline Germantown Parkway

A protected median can safely hold 14-16 bicyclists while waiting for the light to change to cross Germantown Parkway.

The lights protecting Greenline users will shadow the existing traffic lights at Macon and Fischer Steel. (This will NOT create more of a traffic problem along Germantown Parkway)

There are six streets that must be crossed along the eastern extension.

Proposed timeline to finish the project? The start date is projected July 2014 and the finish date is May 2015.

Cross your fingers Memphis, this Greenline extension sounds excellent. There were many questions from the audience. A person representing a home owners association that exists near the extension asked if homeowners could have gate access to the extension, limiting the number of people that could enter/exit the neighborhood. The fear is that “people would start breaking into cars” from the Greenline extension. YES, that is exactly what I had in mind. I ride my bike 13.2 miles each way, PLANNING on breaking into someones car. I carry my “breaking into a car” took kit with me. Uhhh… after riding 13.2 miles, that is the LAST thing on my mind. “No, he may look like a runner, but he is obviously a thief.” Didn’t happen on the western side of the Greenline, not happening on the Eastern side of the Greenline either.

One of the funniest moments is when a woman asked, “So… has Starbucks figured out how to get us from the Germantown Parkway crossing to their store?”

starbucks cordova Greenline

The dashed line is the proposed extension, and that #1 purple dot on top is Starbuck$. It wouldn’t surprise me if Starbuck$ would open a coffee stand right along the extension. (Not that I am a huge fan of Starbuck$, just sayin’ that there is a huge potential to make money.)

All and all the meeting was very good. When asked how many in the audience used the Greenline, almost every hand went up. Good showing.

Done! I’m beat. Time for a beer and then bed. See YOU back here for more of the Greenline, books, beers, and bikes. Cheers!

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