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Manic Monday Midtown. Helllllo Monday.

Let’s play catch up. I was busy Sunday. First up, I stopped by Republic Coffee for a quick “pick me up” cup of coffee. Gotta get going.

Next? I took the bike over to the Brooks Museum to see the dark British comedy “Sightseers“. More like lighter on the “comedy” and heavy on the “dark”. If you enjoy dark, twisted movies, this one is for you. The movie was “okay” at best. The movie “Sightseers” begins with an accidental death. From then on, the deaths come one after another. Not exactly planned, more of a “spur of the moment” kind of killing. The ending has a good twist to it. And yes, the death of the dog early on is really, really bad. But I am glad that the Brooks does show movies that are a bit “out there”. (And no, I can’t even give a running total of all the movies I have watched at the Brooks Museum this year alone. Time to get that movie pass from the museum.)

Movie finished, I headed back to the Cooper Young area. Here is a hint. If you do not want to stand in that 20 minute line that snakes out of the door at Central BBQ, call ahead and order your food as “take out”. I do this all of the time. That way I walk to the front of the line (the half door next to the cashier) and pay for my food. Even better, I just order a beer to go with my food and find a table. Very easy to do. Central BBQ was PACKED Sunday evening. Great music on the patio by Mighty Souls Brass band. I picked up my pork plate with my High Cotton beer and found a table. Extra points Sunday evening because High Cotton was in the house giving away FREE samples of beer. Oink. Wait. FREE? Yes free SAMPLES OF BEER. I told the High Cotton crew what a great product they produce. Thanks to Central BBQ, the band and High Cotton for making Sunday very enjoyable. Lucky for me I only live a couple blocks away from Central BBQ. A bit nice to be able to walk (or ride my bicycle) to any bar, restaurant, music venue or museum in the neighborhood.

I have also been purchasing some stuff. I ordered a replacement water bottle for my camelbak which seems to have sprung a leak. Next up is the soundtrack to a favorite movie of mine “Prometheus”. I was able to purchase the thing on Ebay for $5. I’ve pretty much figured out you can buy ANYTHING using Ebay. A friend purchased a car on Ebay many years ago. If you can’t find an item on Ebay, your not looking hard enough.

Want to know more information about the extension of the Greenline over Germantown Parkway? Head to the meeting tomorrow at Shelby Farms.

“Tuesday 7/16/2013 at 6:00 p.m., there will be a meeting at Shelby Farms Visitors Center to discuss the Greenline crossing over Germantown Parkway and extending to Cordova. Read more about the meeting here.”

I’m there. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers, and movies. Cheers.

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