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Waffle Wednesday Midtown. Get some.


Last night we went to the public library on Poplar to hear a lecture, “Before there was Memphis”. The lecture was given by local historian Jimmy Ogle. If you have never been on a tour or a listened to a lecture given by Jimmy Ogle, get ready to LISTEN. Jimmy Ogle is like your college history teacher… on speed. This guy can talk. And… he has facts. Many facts. Although the lecture was lightly attended, the event was FREE. Good information and a good lecture. What did I learn? Poplar was originally a game trail. Didn’t know that. Want to know when and where Jimmy Ogle will speak? Check out his website www.jimmyogle.com.

Are you up for a scavenger hunt? July 18th 2013 5-9 p.m. Broad Ave.

sunset quest broad ave

Check out the various stores on Broad Ave. and win some free swag. Go!

Don’t you hate it when you have to check your light batteries on your bicycle. Your always replacing or recharging those batteries. You pray your lights will not fail while out riding at night. Now there is an answer to that problem. Rydon Pixio Bicycle Light. This light charges by solar power. The long-lasting batteries are always charging, keeping your lights ready to go. Fantastic idea.

Okay, I’m throwing this number out there… 800. This post (yes, this one!) is post number 800. 800! Wow. Double wow. That would be MANY words, many thoughts and many ideas. I have written about bbq, beer, bikes, events, movies, ice cream, food, restaurants, coffee, bike rides, more beer, more bikes, and even more bbq. Is Living Loud in Midtown the Best Memphis blog? Maybe, maybe not. Yes, I do read other Memphis blogs. “I Love Memphis Blog” and “Paul Ryburns” daily blog are two of my favorite local blogs. Some local blogs I enjoyed reading have come and gone. Living Loud is still here. I’ve been here day after day (well except for that time I was in the hospital. And except for the months when work is way crazy and I can’t post daily). YOU can vote for Best Memphis Blog here in the Memphis Flyer.

Done. Here is to 800 blog posts and here’s to YOU for reading. Cheers!