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Manic Monday Midtown. And here comes the work week.

At first I was not going to post anything today, but after I arrived home from my bike ride home I discovered several things after looking over various social media sites.

First up; “Before there was Memphis”.

Before there was Memphis

Jimmy Ogle will be presenting a program about the EARLY history of Memphis. The site states the presentation begins at 6:30 p.m. at the main library 3030 Poplar Ave. (Although Twitter states the presentation begins at 6:00. CALL the library to get the correct start time). I LOVE history. I’m in. The event should be very interesting.

Like tacos? Chiwawa on Madison is having a contest to name some new tacos. “We’ve got a brand new (and much improved) taco menu, but none of the tacos have names. That’s where you come in. We’ve posted pictures and descriptions of all of our new tacos, and we’re asking you to leave your suggested names for them in the comments. If one of your names is chosen, you’ll win a $50 gift certificate to Chiwawa. The contest is open from now until July 17th.” Just look over the tacos on the Facebook page, and submit your name for the new creations. I’m in.

Republic Coffee has some new coffee to try out. “Announcement: The RETURN of 3 favorite blends. Now, AGAIN, serving RC Roast, Viennese Iced Coffee and a Decaf Espresso for those who wish.” I may be trying out that Viennese Iced Coffee. Yes I have had coffee in Vienna. On a cold day. In the coffee shop featured in the movie “Before Sunrise”. (No, not the coffee shop in Before Sunset. I didn’t have coffee at that one in Paris. It was closed for renovations.)

Yes, I took the bike to work this morning. I played a new album (rather an OLD album, depending on your age). The album? 5150 from Van Halen. This is the music put together with Sammy Hagar after David Lee Roth left the band. I saw the tour MANY years ago. Not that I remember much of the show. The album is okay. Something different to say the least. I do like to add music to the playlist for my commute to and from work.

Done. See YOU back here for more Memphis, tacos, and coffee. Cheers.