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Weekend Memphis. Get some.

Yes, I was out and about Saturday and Sunday. I took my bicycle to Republic Coffee in the morning.

Love in a cup.

Love in a cup.

Saturday afternoon we headed downtown for an adventure. Let’s see what we can eat and drink. First stop Central BBQ downtown.

central BBQ

Got my wings! AND… High Cotton Scottish Ale.

scottish ale young avenue deli

What more do you want?

Afterwards wandered around downtown, taking the trolley north, then south. We also stopped in at Grawemeyer’s for a drink. Next stop was Aldo’s Pizza. Great selection of beer at Aldo’s. My pizza? A bit much grease on my slice of pie. The garlic knots didn’t taste much like garlic either. The kitchen may have had an off day.

Sunday started with some spring cleaning. We cleaned out the entire sun room. Exercise equipment, table and chairs, mirrors, pictures and frames; more than I want to remember. The contents filled the back of a pick up truck. We first went by a friends place to drop off the table and chairs. Our next stop was Good Will on Central.

Next stop? Huey’s for a Senor Huey burger. Fries and onion rings as sides. Excellent.

Bring on the fries!

Bring on the fries!

Sunday afternoon we stopped in at Yolo.


Oink. Good stuff. Love me the Yolo and Huey’s on Sunday.

Get ready for the work week Midtown, because here it comes. Cheers.