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Finally Friday Midtown. Rain? What rain?

I took my bicycle to work this morning. I felt as though something was wrong very early into the ride. My shoulder sling was on backwards. A mile into the ride, I heard something rubbing against my chain. One of my P-clamps had become loose. Yes I carry tools just in case things like this happen. I jumped off my bicycle and attempted to correct the problem. After a few minutes I was back on my bicycle. The fix didn’t work. Doh! I jumped back off the bike again and went to work. After a few more minutes the problem seemed to be fixed. I really thought about riding the mile back home and driving to work. “I think I can. I think I can”. The bracket held up on the remaining 12.2 miles to work. I’ll take it.

During lunch I took my time and made sure the brackets, screws and bolts were all in the correct place. Done. That should work.

While putting equipment away at work today I noticed an odd sign. At first I believed the sign was an airway to let air in and out. Then I took a second look.


HOLY CRAP! Uhhh… yes, this is a real sign. I’m not sure if there is anything HOT in there, but I don’t want to find out. I also noticed the trailer behind it was marked “Flammable”. Wow. Good thing I am not around this area often.

Wait. My day gets better. Riding home, the pannier rack is holding up well. I see rain clouds to the west, right in my direction of travel. Then the thunder begins. As I pass High Point Terrace, the rain starts. Not bad. It gets worse. As I passed Highland, the rain gets worse. Next the rain comes down horizontally. As in my face. Rain is getting into my contacts, making it difficult for me to see. And then… the hail falls. Great. And I forgot my rain poncho. Doh! The rain, wind and hail was so bad, I had to get jump off my bike and walk. Luckily I was close to Republic Coffee. I parked my bike on the patio and sat down, waiting for the rain to stop.

rain ride

This is my “perturbed” face. Or “hail” face. Your pick. I was drenched head to toe. It wasn’t THAT bad, the rain was more of an annoyance. After several moments the rain nearly stopped. I began my 2 mile ride home. When I reached Poplar and Humes, I waited for the light to turn green so I could cross the street. Poplar light turned red and my light was green. I pulled into the intersection and looked left, and I saw an S.U.V. NOT stopping for her red light. I stayed frozen as the woman sped by, right thru the red light. Wow. That was close. Thanks. I did get home ten minutes later a bit shaken up. What an evening ride.

Oh yeah. Want to ride with others Saturday night? The Cycle Memphis crew will be out for a ride in Memphis Saturday night, July 6, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. Go! The group ride is fun. I’ve been on several rides. Cruise around town with a small boom box

cycle memphis boom box

and enjoy yourself. Do it! Meet at the corner of Cooper and Young.

That’s it. Time for a drink. See YOU back here for more bikes, hail and boom boxes. Cheers.