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Happy 4th of July y’all. Beer, bbq and friends? Oh yeah.

Since it was 3rd of July last night, we decided to walk over to the Cooper Young intersection for an evening out. First stop? Young Avenue Deli.

young avenue deli 2

It has been a while since we have stopped in at Y.A.D. What to drink? Oh yeah, how about a High Cotton Scottish Ale!

scottish ale young avenue deli

This beer is AWESOME! Love it! Try the beer for yourself. You will not regret it. Drink local Memphis.

We also ordered up a burger while at Y.A.D. For those of you playing at home, local restaurants had the “C” team working tonight. Holiday or near holiday evenings, you need to bring your “A” game. Waiting… waiting… waiting… for that burger. We noticed several tables were receiving their food after ordering the food much later than we did. After a good 30 minutes we finally received our burger. We also ordered sweet potato fries. Two words; AWE-SOME! Loved the sweet potato fries.

Next stop? Cafe Ole.

cafe ole

We wanted to sit on the patio and people watch while having a margarita. A sign at the hostess station stated to seat yourself. So we did; at a table that had yet to be cleaned. We waited, and waited and waited for a waiter. One staff member walked out and then back in again repeatedly to talk to a friend outside. She walked by our table, never checking on us. Finally a waiter came outside and told us “You will never get service by sitting at a table with used dishes.” Wow. I didn’t realize that customers were supposed to bus the tables. (I would have cleaned the table myself if I knew where to put the used dishes!) The sign in front stated to seat yourself. We did. Not my fault that your business didn’t have enough staff working tonight. And then the waiter scolded us for sitting at a dirty table? Yeah the “C” is definitely working tonight. Our response? We got up and left. Maybe Sweet Grass Next Door wants our money. Maybe SGND doesn’t have the “C” team working tonight.

(Side note. A friend walked into Cafe Ole minutes after we had left. He had the same experience we had; bad service. The waitress only had three tables, yet she took forever to do anything for them).

Luckily, Sweet Grass Next Door had good staff working Wednesday evening.

sweet grass next door 2

We ordered a few drinks and enjoyed the rest of our evening. We live so close to the Cooper Young intersection, the walk home only takes minutes.

Today? I slept in late, then my wife dropped me off at Republic Coffee. I read the news and checked email. I ran across an app titled “Umano” (for iOS / Android) that will read the news to you. No, not a computer reading the news, a “human” reading the news to you. I downloaded the app and installed Umano. You can pick several news items and save them to listen to at a later time. It appears most news items run about 4 minutes in length. Even better, you can download the news items to your device to listen to off-line. Although I listen to a huge amount of music while riding my bicycle to work, it will be nice to listen to news items every now and then. After using Umano, I will write up my opinion of the app.

Clothes are packed for my commute tomorrow and the only thing left to do tonight is have a drink. See YOU back here for more bikes, apps and High Cotton beer. Cheers.