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Saturday Midtown. Get out and have some fun.

My day began early at Republic Coffee. Can you say waffle?


Great way to start the day.

After having TWO cups of coffee, I headed over to Central BBQ (Summer location). I didn’t feel like waiting in line at the Central location, so I took the Greenline to Waring Rd. I biked slowly, enjoying the Greenline. The best bike rides are the ones with no time limits. The weather was so nice I felt as though I could have biked all day long.

I locked up the bike outside and headed inside Central BBQ. One order of wings and a High Cotton Lemon Pepper beer later and I was set.

central bbq wings beer

Of course the wings were excellent. And if you haven’t tried the High Cotton beer, you are missing out. Excellent afternoon.



After my wife was finished with work, we headed out for some mexican food. Margarita anyone?

How to end the day? How about an hour-long walk in Cooper Young. I can’t wait for tomorrow. 80 degree high? I’ll take it!

See YOU back here for more beers, wings and bikes. Cheers.