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Two for Tuesday Midtown.

Sunday? Sunday was great. Sunday afternoon we headed over to Bar Louie for a snack and a couple of drinks.

bar louie memphis

bar louie memphis

It appears Bar Louie has sorted out the tap lines and I was available to get that Angry Orchard Cider this time. (Last visit to the bar I asked for cider twice, and received beer twice.) After some light snacks, we headed across the street to Local for some High Cotton beer. Local does not carry all three High Cotton beers. I was able to try the High Cotton ESB. Good beer from High Cotton. I will say it again, High Cotton has raised the bar for local brews.

Next stop? La Michoacana ice cream shop on Summer. If someone breaks into this joint and eats ALL OF THE ICE CREAM, it was ME. Really. Ask for the popsicle made with chamoy (salty, spicy sauce). Growing up in south Texas, we would eat packets of chamoy by the truckload. Cold treats with frozen chamoy? EXCELLENT. ASK FOR THE CHAMOY! Really, give it a try. I have also heard that there is a new La Michoacana shop at 1250 N. Germantown Parkway.

I took my bike for a ride to work Monday morning. A couple of items. There is a new Little Free Library at the end of the Greenline on Tillman.

little free library tillman memphis

I am glad there is a Little Free Library on the Greenline. It will be easier now to pick up and drop off books.

Also, there is some broken glass on the western side of the Holmes Street bridge. Doh! I’m taking my broom for my ride tomorrow to sweep the broken glass up.


While out riding along the Greenline I noticed a woman jogging… with an IPad. Ummm… you do realize they make smaller listening devices. It was an odd sight.

Today? After a half day of work I stopped by the doctor’s office for a check up. My lab results came back good. That’s what I want to hear. To celebrate, we headed over to Cajun Catfish Company for some crawfish. There are only a couple more weeks for crawfish, so you better get ’em now.

Done. Time for a drink, then bed. I’m beat. See YOU back here for more books, beers and ice cream. Cheers.