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Weekend Midtown. Have some fun.

As much as I wanted to post Saturday, I was very busy most of the day. I started out with a bike ride to Republic Coffee. I sat with my book, and read the news. I did find this new website; www.coffitivity.com. Need the ambient sound of a coffee shop, but stuck at work? This site is for you. Sounds just like a coffee shop. There is even talk of offering coffee-house sounds from various neighborhoods. Need to boost your creativity, but don’t want to leave the house? Give Coffitivity a try.

As I was drinking my coffee, I decided to take a picture of my t-shirt.

misfits t-shirt

My day is complete. Bike ride, Misfits t-shirt, book and coffee.

Next stop? I received a call from my wife while at the coffee shop. Pam, at Epic Salon, had an opening at 1:30. Originally scheduled for 4:30, my haircut appointment now moved up. Time for some planning. If I leave the coffee shop at 12:00, I could take the Greenline to White Station. Exit at Podesta St and head south along White Station. Just so you know, White Station is fairly wide and good for a bike ride. This is the first time I have taken White Station south. I made good time, arriving at Poplar in 15 minutes (from the Greenline exit at Podesta). Total ride time? 40 minutes. Again, this was not my original plan, but hey, I gotta bicycle.

And as always, every time I head to Epic Salon, I have to stop by Gibson’s Donuts. Love me the donuts. I picked up a half-dozen and loaded the donuts in my bike basket.

gibsons donuts bike basket

Task completed. Time for a hair cut.  If you need someone to take care of your hair, I recommend Pam at Epic Salon. She has cut my hair for over 6 years now and is excellent. Not only is she a great hair stylist, she is friendly to boot.

After my hair was cut, I took a different route home. This time I took Southern west, then headed north for a short jog along Goodlet (nice bike lane). Taking a left, I biked down Central for the rest of the ride. Again, my total time was 40 minutes. Hot? A little. When the temperature gets into the upper 90’s, I will complain some. Temperatures in the lower 90’s do not bother me so much. Good day for some bike riding.

I did take my new Kangatek Go Bandolier Sling.

Think of it as a money belt that you wear over your shoulder. The sling has four or five zippered pockets to put your wallet, keys, and Ipod in. The product comes in various colors; I picked a black sling for myself. I like it.

Another product that I recently used was the Endura Cool Towel.


I had heard of this towel in the past, but I didn’t believe the hype. Wet the towel, wring the towel out and the towel keeps you 30 degrees cooler. Hmmm… sounds fishy to me. My boss purchased a towel for me for the days I work outside. Tell you what, the Endura Towel works. Okay, maybe not 30 degrees cooler, but I would estimate the towel keeps you 15-20 degrees cooler. And yes, the towel works for a good two hours. I was surprised. Another product on my “to purchase” list for my bike rides.

We did stop by the “Booksellers at Laurelwood” (Davis Kidd) in the afternoon. Look for the “On the go” section (middle, left table). There are many cycling books on the table. There is even a small bicycle repair kit available. Love it! As much as I read, I do not read books about cycling. Weird. I know.

Later in the evening, we headed to the movies to see the film “Before Midnight“. The reviews for the film are excellent. If you are a fan of the films “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset”, you have to see the third installment; “Before Midnight”. (Spoiler Alert!) Yes, Jesse and Celine are together, nine years later. But that doesn’t mean they are married to each other. Yes, they have children. And yes, they have problems. Ideal romance? Not in this film. If the first two films (“Sunrise” and “Sunset”) were about romantic notions, this film is about reality. Real life. Kids. Work. Relationships. You wanted your “true love” in your life; well now you have that person, day in and day out, for better or worse. Can you be “independent” in a family? Yes, the film again follows many deep conversations between the characters. One of my favorites is the “kitten” story. That was bad! The hotel scene is notable for a few reasons. Julie Delpy is topless for a long stretch during the scene. She’s French. Maybe that’s it. I’m not sure if it was needed or not (or maybe a shorter amount of time for the topless part). And the character Celine comes off as “manic” in the hotel scene. The character has been holding emotions in for a very long time; and now these emotions boil over. Jesse and Celine go back and forth, arguing over with each other over the sacrifices each has made for the other. If the first two films were about romance, this film is about how hard relationships are to maintain. What did I think of the film? “Before Midnight” is a fine film. But the movie is my least favorite of all three films. I go to the movies to escape. These characters work their way thru real life problems in “Before Midnight”. The characters are older now; not young, idealistic twenty somethings. Maybe it is the way of the world. Young and dumb, older and wiser. Which is better? Again, “Before Midnight” is a fine film. But I watch movies to escape. Show me the “ideal” version of Jesse and Celine. The made up fantasy that doesn’t exist. Or would that just be a boring movie?

(On a side note, while in Vienna and Paris, I did go to the shooting locations of both “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset”. All of them. I remember the first time I viewed the film “Before Sunset”. I awoke very early in the morning, and couldn’t go back to sleep. I switched on the t.v. and caught the beginning of the movie. The film mesmerized me. Many times I had walked into the Shakespeare and Company book store in Paris. I walked along the river in Paris. Sat in the coffee shops, watching the world slide by.)

Done. We will be heading out shortly for some fun at Overton Square. I have to remember to take pictures. See YOU back here for more movies, bikes and donuts. Cheers.