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Two for Tuesday Midtown. It’s hot out there!

I started the morning early. Jumping on my bicycle, I reached the railroad tracks near Hollywood. And I saw this:

Trains, you block my path!

Trains, you block my path!

Yes, the train was just sitting there, not moving. I waited ten minutes before I gave up and headed north to Union. Have you ever crossed over the viaduct connecting Union to Walnut Grove Rd.? There is a reason why people don’t ride bicycles that way. First up, the not so bright motorists who may or may not hit you as you ride along the street. Secondly, if you dare to ride along the sidewalk, you get glass; lots of broken glass. The broken glass is EVERYWHERE. I have spoken to other bicycle commuters and they refuse to ride along the viaduct. Yes, I made it to Republic Coffee, but arrived later than usual. Chug that coffee.

My Tuesdays are usually paperwork days. Today was no different. I worked on paperwork all day long. Fun. Not. After a long day of work, I headed out for my ride home. The temperature? 97 degrees outside. Hot. Very Hot. Time to drag out the Camelbak tomorrow.

The heat kept many cyclists off the Greenline this evening.

The Cooper Young concert series returns tomorrow with the band Freedom (rock). Cooper Young gazebo; 6:30 – 8:30. Be there. Read more about the concert series here. Get a cold drink, sit on a patio and enjoy the music.

I got nothing else. My work days are very busy, and I make every effort not to lose my mind at this time of year. 8.5 weeks to go. See YOU back here for more bikes, coffee and music. Cheers.