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Sunday Midtown. As the song goes, “I’ve got something to say!” Lot’s of Midtown items, so let’s get started.

Last night a friend headed over to the Levitt Shell for a show. At the last-minute we decided to attend as well. The weather was perfect.

levitt shell

The act on stage? Trampled Under Foot. This group is good. Very good. Great musicians and great vocals. I picked up a beer by Sierra Nevada “Summerfest” and listened to some great music. As you can see by the photo, the event was very well attended. Glad we went.

I slept in late this morning. My wife went out for a walk in Cooper Young. When she returned, she had pictures of the neighborhood. The “I Love Memphis” mural in Cooper Young has something new added to it.

i love memphis

And closer…

i love memphis 2

And now for something not so good. You know the British phone booth in front of the Second Hand Rose antique store on Central?

cooper young british phone booth 2

Yeah, the phone booth has been knocked down and broken.

cooper young british phone booth 3

Later in the day I saw someone load up the broken phone booth into a truck. I am “hoping” that the plan is to fix the phone booth.

At 1:00 p.m. I took the bicycle over to Otherlands Coffee Shop for some iced coffee. The stop was quick since I was on the way to the Brooks Museum. Today the museum was featuring the film “Room 237”. I do have to say that the theories behind the meaning of the film “The Shining” are interesting. Was “The Shining” about the genocide of the American Indians? Was “The Shining” about Hitler and the concentration camps of Europe? Was “The Shining” about human sexuality? Did the hotel layout make sense? (One woman mapped out the entire hotel from the film, room by room, on paper.) Were parts of the movie a dream? One film buff went to the extreme and superimposed the film onto itself, playing one film forward and the other backwards at the same time. And one commentator was convinced Kubrick airbrushed his own portrait into the clouds at the beginning of the film. (I couldn’t see it myself.) “Room 237” is an interesting documentary. Glad I went to see it.

After the film, I made my way home and started the grill.

Steak on the grill

Steak and chicken people. All done right before the rain began.

What a weekend. I’m beat. See YOU back here for more grilling, movies and bikes. Cheers.