Hello weekend, and just in time.

My day started after sleeping 12 hours. I needed it. The work week beat me up. I took the bike for a ride to Republic Coffee. The best rides? Those are the rides in which I can take my time. Love it. I ordered my ice coffee and had a seat. Guess what? My Ipad was not thirsty for coffee… of any sort. Yeah, I spilled some coffee on my tablet. The thing started to go crazy. (Same sort of thing occurred late last night. I accidentally hit a wrong button on the t.v. remote and the t.v. began to scream a “Metallica” tune full blast. “Turn down, turn down!” The remote didn’t work and pushing random buttons on the t.v. didn’t help. My wife walked into the living room asking what the hell I was doing. After a few seconds, she had the remote problem fixed.) I cleaned the coffee from my Ipad and read the news.

Like the t.v. show “Community”? Like the episode “Digital Estate Planning”? (You know, the episode where the actors were turned into 8-bit video game characters?) I LOVED that episode. Now we can play that exact game from the episode. Turns out that some folks developed the t.v. show episode into a playable game. “Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne” can be downloaded for free to your p.c.

digital estate planning

Yes, I already downloaded and played the game. And yes, it is just like the episode.

After I finished my coffee, I headed out the door. I want wings! Central BBQ wings that is. But I didn’t want to wait in that 20 person deep line. Here is a tip; call your order in BEFORE you get to Central BBQ. Place a “to go” order. I biked from Republic Coffee to Central BBQ. When I arrived, I locked up the bike and bypassed those in line. I stepped right up to the side door by the cashier and gave my name. Yes, the wings were boxed up and ready to go.

central bbq wings

You can even order a tea as well and take your food to a table. No wait and no fuss. To easy.

Just yesterday I was thinking to myself “I haven’t gone to the Brooks Museum for a movie in a while now.” As I was reading the Memphis Flyer last night, I came across an article. The film “Room 237” is playing Sunday 6/9/2013 at 2:00 p.m. at the Brooks Museum. Kubrick? Check. The classic film “The Shining”? Check. Watch “Room 237” and pick your favorite theory about the meaning of this classic horror flick. I’m going. This should be interesting.

For those of you playing at home, I can ride to get coffee, then head over to pick up some excellent wings, and go to a movie; all in 38104. Love my neighborhood!

Done. Time for a few drinks. See YOU back here for more movies, bikes, and wings. Cheers.