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Finally Friday Midtown. And it couldn’t get here soon enough.

Thursday wore me out! After a hard day of work, I had to deal with a customer on the phone. This customer didn’t believe statements I made about Tennessee State Law. It AMAZES me how many people have a driver’s license, yet do not know state laws. LOOK IT UP! State laws are easy to find. READ.

To make matters worse, I couldn’t sleep last night. As tired as I was, I kept tossing and turning. “I couldn’t sleep at all last night.”

Today? Took the bike to work early this morning. I stopped in at Republic Coffee and “chugged” an iced coffee. No time to read the news, gotta run!

I later learned today about a “Smart Meter” public meeting. Good thing I didn’t attend the meeting. Wish I had attended. I want to see these idiots in person. I can’t believe all of the nonsense that is coming from the mouth of… you know it… Janis Fullilove. (My FAVORITE politician… NOT!) Yes, Chinese hackers are targeting your smart meter. I am SURE they are. Your smart meter could get a computer virus. I am pretty sure most of the people attending could not spell the word “V-I-R-U-S”. Idea. If these smart meters are installed, maybe I could sell “antivirus” software for “smart meters”. Pay ME $20 a month and you would have access to a webpage that states “No Virus” every time you check your meter. Janis could be my first customer. Really. Read more about the fools here. (wmctv)

As I was riding home, I was passed by a cyclist who recognized me. He rides from Baptist East then north past Shelby Farms. Our paths cross occasionally. He noticed I had a new bike helmet. I told him about my new bicycle.

new bicycle

We chatted a bit about bikes. Good ride home.

Yes, I’m beat. See YOU back here for more beers, bikes and smart meters. Cheers.