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Waffle Wednesday Midtown.

Took the bicycle to work today. I also took my small broom with me as well.


As I came to Holmes St. bridge, I found three different sections of glass along the Greenline. Even stranger was that the glass was made up of three different colors of glass; green, clear and brown. It was as though someone put glass along the trail on purpose. I hope I am mistaken. I spent a few moments sweeping the glass from the trail. After I swept away most of the glass I continued on to work.

Riding home this evening, I stopped again along the Greenline to sweep away glass from the trail. At the Poplar / Humes intersection, I waited to cross the street. After waiting a bit, I noticed the signal lights were out. Great. After thinking I would NOT get across Poplar, the traffic slowed and I was able to cross Poplar.

I arrived home and immediately changed clothes for the Jimmy Buffett cover band at Cooper Young.

jimmy buffett cover band cooper young 1

We stopped in at Cafe Ole and sat on the patio and listened to music.

jimmy buffett cover band cooper young

Cheap drinks and easy entertainment. Nice way to end the day. See YOU back here for more boat drinks. “Wastin’ away again…” Cheers.