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Weekend Midtown. Hope you enjoyed it. My weekend? Interesting.

Friday evening after work we headed over to Sweet Grass Next Door for a birthday dinner. We ordered the fried egg sandwich.

sweet grass next door 2

As usual the sandwich was very good. I also ordered some dessert; angel food cake with strawberries, with a hint of mint. The dessert was also very good.

Saturday morning I took my bicycle to work, 13.2 miles. When I arrived at work, my boss wondered why I was at work on Saturday. I guess our signals were crossed. I thought I was working Saturday. I stayed at work a few hours, taking care of business, then headed out the door at 11:15 a.m. As I reached Shelby Farms, I noticed the wind had picked up. Halfway up the park, a cold front moved in. The temperature dropped 10 degrees in seconds. By the time I reached the top of the park, the rain started coming down. Luckily I had a poncho to put on. I have cycled in the rain in the past. Not the most fun experience, but it is only water.

Speaking of riding, this week marks the start of THREE years riding my bicycle to work. When I first started to ride to work I thought I would only ride two days a week. Then I just started to ride every day. All’s it takes is planning. Take today for instance. I washed my clothes and packed my work clothes in a messenger bag. Since I was going to work this afternoon, I took all of my work clothes with me for the week. Easy.

Today we went for a walk in Cooper Young. A few new items in the neighborhood. The old garage across from Central BBQ is now gone. The property will become a restaurant. Right now the empty lot is a big mud pit. There is also a new shop located next to Urban Outfitters.

langford market cooper young

If your into women’s clothing, now you have a new place to shop ladies.

The Cooper Young Music Series is about to begin. When? Wednesday’s; 6:30 p.m. at Cooper and Young. First band up? “…Robbie and The Bandanas, a three-piece combo playing Jimmy Buffett songs will play June 5. The concerts take place at the gazebo at the intersection of Cooper Street and Young Avenue.” Me? I am hoping to attend. If you can’t see Buffett, see the cover band, drink a margarita and sing along. Read more about the series here.

I finished a very good book today. “Scarecrow Returns” by Matthew Reilly is a page turner.

The book is a “bubble gum summer read”, but exciting nonetheless. The next book that I started reading is “The World That Made New Orleans” by Ned Sublette.

If you enjoy history, this book is excellent. I have learned many things, just in the first few chapters. If you are interested in how New Orleans became New Orleans, read this book.

Remember, I have another ten hard work weeks left in the summer so posts may not show up daily. That’s just how my summer rolls. See YOU back here soon. Cheers.