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Thirsty Thursday. And I am BEAT.

The last few days have been CRAZY at work. Just hammering me down. Plus I have added two extra miles each way for my bike ride to work. Tuesday afternoon I was riding to the top of Shelby Farms. As I crossed the street, a motorist decided to stop for the stop sign wayyyy past the stop line. I had to ride around her car to get to the other side of the street. Another cyclist who was stopped noticed the incident. We chatted for a few minutes. After I said I crossed over Walnut Grove Road daily, he told me I was CRAZY to do so. I agree with him.

Wednesday evening we headed over to a friend’s house for dinner. The food was from Taziki’s Cafe. The salad, potato’s, and grilled pork were all very good. I can’t complain one bit.

I am currently looking for some better bicycle tires. I did find these; Gator Tires.

The reviews for these tires are very good. I REALLY do not like flat tires. These could do the trick. Although a little more difficult to install, the tires do what they say, prevent flat tires.

New Orleans. I have posted these pictures previously. Let me explain some of them. The first is from the bar Crescent City Brewhouse at 527 Decatur St. Yes, this bar MAKES the beer they serve. I thought the beer was okay. The wheat beer needed a bit more conditioning (the beer was slightly rough).


I caught this shot in the evening. St. Louis Cathedral at night. Yes, that is the moon behind the spire. I thought the effect was very good.


Moving on to the WWII Museum. This museum is EXCELLENT. GO HERE! If you like history, this place is for you. The WWII Museum is located on Magazine Street. You can walk there or take the city bus. You can easily spend HOURS here. The museum is huge and has numerous exhibits. You first begin the tour as war breaks out. You continue the timeline until the Japanese surrender. I highly recommend this museum. If you REALLY enjoy history, you can easily spend two days taking things in. The museum surrounds you with information. I have been to many museums around the world and this was one of the best.



Jackson Square, remembering when New Orleans was influenced by Spain.


We had dinner and wandered over to Jackson Square.


This photo was taken in the doorway of an art shop. I’m not sure if the studio had anything to do with the graffiti.


This sign was captured outside of a tourist shop in the Quarter.


Lastly, we purchased this painting in Jackson Square. Love it.


Done. I am beat. Remember tomorrow is Trolley Night downtown. Get out! Plus… Memphis Zombies will march on Memphis Friday evening. If you thought you had “seen it all”, check this event out at the corner of G.E. Patterson and S. Main this Friday evening. The walk begins at 6:30 p.m. Bring a camera, the event is CRAZY.

zombie memphis 2012

Memphis Zombie 2012 Early Warning Network