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Thirsty Thursday Midtown.

My day started wrong. Very wrong. I started my ride to work. By the time I reached Hollywood, I had a flat tire. Doh! I hate flat tires! Yes I have tools and an extra tube, but I was mad. I walked my bike back home, roughly one mile. Head-held-low.

After I drove to work, I discovered some new state handbooks had been updated. Oops. I wasn’t prepared for that. I had to re-do my own notes. This took nearly three hours. Stressed out. I was finally able to leave work at seven o’clock.

Once home I went about fixing that bicycle tire. Not happy. I’m thinking of going with “slime tires” which are supposed to seal the tire if a puncture occurs. We will see how THAT works out.

After the tire was fixed, I started packing… for New Orleans. That’s correct, Big Easy, here we come. Of course we are taking our own liquor. The first time I visited New Orleans was many years ago. I was waiting for friends since I arrived first by plane. I decided to go out for a drink. Three words; wood-grain-alcohol. Damn, I was hammered and my friends were not in town yet. Sober up! The rest of the trip was brilliant, not that I remember any of it. I still love the Big Easy. Gonna try out a few new places, and visit the tried and true places. Hold onto your hats, here we come.

No post for Friday. See you back here from New Orleans. Cheers.