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Waffle Wednesday Midtown. Get some.

A few notes from the news. First up? Green lanes! Yes, more protected lanes for cyclists are coming to Memphis. Move over motorists, share the road with me. I really like extra lanes for bikes in the street. They certainly make me feel safer while out riding. Read more about the green lanes here from the Commercial Appeal.

Have you checked out the new Shelby Farms video at Choose 901? The video is a good promo for Shelby Farms, which I ride thru daily. By the way, I saw them shooting as I was out for a bike ride. Check out the video here. Good job 901.

The Broad Avenue water tower is getting some paint added to it soon AND a small outdoor theater at the loading dock. Sounds like a fantastic idea. Read more about it from the Memphis Flyer.

YES, Memphis IS getting better, one day at a time. Three new breweries under construction in town and more and more new restaurants opening. NOW is the best time for Memphis. Love it.