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Monday… AND Tuesday. Here we go.

Since I was having car trouble Friday evening, I took the vehicle in for a tune up Monday. I complained about a slight problem (the engine failing to start once a month). The mechanic said the problem would be hard to diagnose if the vehicle started without a problem. After the tune up… the vehicle failed to start. “There, I told you so.” They kept the vehicle a second day, and still couldn’t detect the problem. I did get some advice to solve the problem though. Fuel additive. I’m going to try it. On the other hand, I ride my bike to work most days, so this is not so much of a problem.

Secondly, I noticed that an employee with a company we work with had failed to show to work for a month now. Vacation? Permanent. I got the news today… TERMINATED (with extreme prejudice). I never want ANYONE to lose a job. BUT… this guy was a “Jack wagon”, with a CAPITAL “J”. Why was he fired? Fist fight with a fellow employee while at work. Yeah… ya see where I am coming from. This is the same idiot I had many problems with for the last six years. When I confronted him about his staff messing with our thermostat, he denied it. When I offered to show him the video footage, he said “If you didn’t see it with your own eyes, it didn’t happen.” Wait. What? That’s right, video CANNOT be believed. Oh, and this was the same “you can’t use scotch tape in the building” guy. What??? Every other person in the building uses scotch tape. But I can’t. Jack Wagon. Yeah… Now my life is slightly easier at work. Again, some people are just idiots, which only gets you so far in life. Hey, time to whip out the scotch tape!

Wait. It gets better. I performed an ITunes update on my desktop at home a few weeks ago. Apparently the update became screwed up. For the last two weeks I could not update apps or download apps. I spent 50 minutes at lunch today talking with Apple Support. “What was the name of your first teacher?” Are you kidding me? I’m in my 40’s! “Name your first job.” That was 27 years ago! I set this account up in the year 2000. “Your parents met in Florida. Did you spell out “Florida” or use “FL””? Are you kidding? That was 13 years ago! In the end, I was able to set up a separate account, but couldn’t use my original account that I have used to 13 years.

Next. I called Apple Support AGAIN tonight. They asked for my serial number from a device I used 13 years ago. “I’m not sure I even have the IPOD!” But I did find the very old IPOD. This did make a fun conversation with THREE Apple Support employees though. “You STILL have that IPOD?” Yeah, still have it. And it works. After another 40 minutes, they finally identified the problem. The bad news was that I couldn’t use the same ID as I have used for the last 13 years. The good news is that I can add an “alias” email address instead of using my work address. Since it takes so much trouble to update my devices, I am considering buying a record player. If ya see a guy walking around with a record player to his ear, that’s me. Vinyl plays instantly, no updates required.

Good news. Breakaway Running is moving to Overton Square. Good deal. I think the new site will work out GREAT for the company. A perfect fit! Read more about the deal here at Memphis Business Journal.

Done. Rain, rain, go away. I will be back another day. Cheers.