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What a weekend Midtown. Bar Louie, Iron Man, The Grizzlies, Cycle Memphis; it is all here.

Saturday afternoon we decided to walk up to Studio On The Square to see the film “Iron Man III”. But first, a drink. The original plan was to head to Boscos. “Oh yeah, there is Bar Louie across the street. Let’s try that.”

bar louie memphis

The joint is nice.

bar louie memphis 2

You cannot miss the big bar with t.v.’s. or the large patio outside. My wife ordered a margarita and I ordered Angry Orchard “CIDER”. Yes it is a “CIDER”. My wife thought the house margarita tasted okay. I took a sip of my BEER and discovered the BEER was BEER, not CIDER. (I know the difference.) “Uhhh… this is Hop Project.” (the tap handle was next to the Angry Orchard handle).

bar louie memphis

The bartender apologized for his mistake. “You gonna throw that beer away? I will get rid of it for you for FREE it you would like.” The bartender said no problem and I drank the Hop Project beer. Take two. After my wife finished the margarita and I finished the Hop Project BEER, we made another order. My wife ordered a Sangria Margarita. Her drink came out a little sweet but good. The drink was made with fresh fruit. I ordered the Angry Orchard CIDER. The bartender poured the drink and sat the glass on the bar. AGAIN, it was a glass of BEER. “Ummm… you may want to check the taps, this is not CIDER.” The bartender tasted the BEER out of the Angry Orchard tap. “Yeah, thats Angry Orchard.” “No. That is beer. You can smell the hops.” Another bartender tasted the “Cider”. “Yeah, that’s beer, not cider.” The bartender went to check the kegs in the back. “The kegs are hooked up correctly.” No they are not. I know the difference between a hoppy BEER and CIDER. I wanted CIDER but decided to order a Blue Moon. (Please do not screw this up). I did get the correct beer this time round. Overall, the service at Bar Louie was good, as well as the atmosphere of the place. I just couldn’t get the drink that I wanted. A very strange experience.

“Iron Man III” was a good movie. Before the movie started, I noticed that Cycle Memphis was planning a ride Saturday night beginning at Cooper Young at 7:00 p.m. Perfect. As soon as I reached home, I changed into my bike shorts and headed to Cooper Young. About 30 cyclists arrived and prepared for a ride downtown. Good thing someone brought a “small” speaker for the radio.

cycle memphis boom box

I have gone for a ride or two with Cycle Memphis in the past. (I went on that first Cycle Memphis ride, the one with the INSANE speed finish.) This ride was much slower, a medium paced ride downtown. We ended up at Martyrs Park near the river and the 55 bridge. This is the first time I have been to the park. Nice park. You should check the park out if you can.

After a short time in the park, it was time to head back to Cooper Young. We retraced our route back east. The ride over all was nice. Much of the crowd was younger. The music was for the kids as well. A group ride is a nice way to tour the city and hang out with other cyclists. And those who saw us ride by cheered us on. Fun.

Sunday we headed over to Huey’s for an early lunch. Good burger, fries and onion rings.

Hello Huey Burger

Hello Huey Burger

The service was VERY GOOD. Our waitress Eva could teach other wait staff a lesson in GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. She smiles, takes care of the customer and has a great attitude. Thank you!

After lunch we decided to watch the Spurs vs. Grizzlies game downtown at the FedEx Forum. If YOU watched the game, you feel my pain. At the end of the first half, I couldn’t be tortured anymore. Time to leave. I did watch the second half of the game at home. And… the game didn’t get any better. I did find this FANTASTIC article about John Hollinger, the stats genius. If you like “Moneyball”, you will enjoy the article about Hollinger and N.B.A. stats. “SportVu. Its technology is originally derived from an Israeli missile-defense firm.” Holy crap! Are you kidding me? Time for the Grizzlies to get themselves some SportVu. Read the entire article here.

After the “game” was over, we went for a run in Cooper Young. A late run, but we waited for the temperature to go down. Nice run in the neighborhood.

Done. Get ready for the work week, because here it comes. Cheers.