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Two for Tuesday Midtown. Get out!

Yes, I took my bicycle to work today. After attaching my pannier rack and collapsible baskets to the bike last night I was ready to ride this morning. So much more nicer to ride without a lunch box strapped to my back.

Just so you are aware, this is the time of year that my work schedule gets crazy. Which means more crazy and busy days. If you notice fewer posts, that is the reason why. And that work schedule will continue until the first week of August.

By 5:20 p.m. I was ready to ride home. The wind had kicked up pretty good at Shelby Farms. Once I reached Patriot Lake, I noticed a cyclist in front of me. Oh no you don’t! I can outrun you in my sandbox. The race was on. The younger cyclist had some strong legs, and had the lead until she reached the top north-west corner of the park. I do these hills every day. See ya… I passed her and that was the last I saw of the cyclist. Of course the race took it out of me. Gotta stop racing others.

I reached the end of the Greenline, then headed over to Snowden School for the McLean Bike Lane meeting. Pictures say a thousand words. Here is the school parking lot.

mclean bike lane meeting

And here are the bicycles parked at the McLean Bike Lane meeting.

mclean bike lane meeting bicyles

Ummm… you get the picture. My guess of those in attendance was 125 total. The majority of persons attending were cyclists. And here is my argument. I know someone who lives along SOUTH McLean and does NOT like the bike lanes. She complains to me that the street is to narrow for bike lanes. “Put the bike lanes on another street.” Sooo… where was this person tonight? NOT at the McLean Bike Lane meeting. “I don’t like bike lanes… Not on my street… Why do we need bike lanes…” I hear it over and over, but where are those people at these meetings? Same thing at the Madison Bike Lane meetings that were held at Minglewood Hall. “I” was there, where were you?

And it was the same experience tonight. Plenty of cyclists at the meeting tonight, where are all of those who do not want the bike lanes on McLean?

Time to go over some of the points brought up in the meeting.

1) “McLean is to narrow for cars AND bikes.” Most didn’t get that one. How is the street to narrow for bikes??? Dang, how big IS that bike?

2) “Bike lanes increase property values.” Most agreed with this.

3) “McLean is to narrow for street parking.” Most agreed with this.

4) “Safety should be the top of the list.” Most agreed with this.

5) “Bike lanes provide alternative transportation opportunities.” Most agreed with this.

6) Someone suggested that the city widen McLean. “Not happening.”

7) “What if bikes lanes could stop and start?” (like on Peabody) These “broken” bike lanes do not work. (There will be some changes to Peabody in the future.)

8) “Parking on the sidewalk?” Not good either.

9) “Reduce the speed limit?” Sounds good.

10) One McLean resident liked the bike lanes.

11) Another McLean resident was able to get up in front of the crowd and speak for two minutes. He objected that he could not park in front of his house. He could no longer have pool parties for his family since the bike lanes were installed. He also complained about the “sign pollution” along McLean. (I kind of agree to this one).

McLean Bike Lanes

12) “How many cyclists would give up their street space in front of their home?” Nearly all the cyclists raised a hand. Ummm… kind of a no brainer.

13) Another McLean resident spoke up for two minutes. He liked the bike lanes and stated that he made ONE phone call to the city to get a permit for a Christmas party at his house (for street parking). He went on to say how easy it was to get the permit for visitors to park along the street.

14) And a third McLean resident spoke for two minutes about the bike lanes, stating the residents along McLean were not informed about the bike lanes prior to installation.

I do have to say that the city did give each side a chance to ask questions and to make a point. People do not like “change”. People like things to be “easy”. My issue was that very few McLean residents AGAINST the bike lanes were in attendance. If you want something OR do not like something, you have to speak up at public meetings. Complaining to others gets you  nowhere. GET INVOLVED! We should hear something from the city regarding the McLean bike lanes within 4-6 weeks.

As I left the meeting, I did see this:

tiger car memphis

Ahhh… the Tiger Bug. (My second sighting.)

Tomorrow? I have a hair cut appointment in the morning. The plan is to ride over to Poplar and Mendenhall in the morning. And you know when I get a haircut, it is also time for Gibson’s Donuts!



My plan is to head down Central heading east, cut south to Southern, then a slight jog over to Mendenhall. If you need someone to cut your hair, make an appointment with Pam at Epic Salon. She has cut my hair for more than 6 years and she is great!

For those of you who enjoy a beer or three, there is an app for that. Check out Untappd! You can keep a list of beers you drink, get suggestions, find drinking friends, rate beers, and connect the app to Facebook and Twitter, ect. Yes, I use the app. The app is supported by Apple, Android or a web page. Look for me under “Ty” or “Kilmistr” in Memphis.

Done! Really beat tonight. And another long day tomorrow. I will see YOU back here for more beer, bikes and donuts. Cheers.

Memphis Events:

5/17/2013 Bike to Work Day– Ride on down to downtown with others. It’s fun!

8/24/2013 – Midnight Classic Bike Tour– (Midnight – Duh!) Tiger Lane – EXCELLENT! Go!

October 4-6th Bluff City Oktoberfest– Riverside Dr. $5 admission