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Weekend Midtown. Have some fun! Lots to discuss, so let’s get rolling.

I received a call at work Friday afternoon. A local news team wanted to interview my boss for a story. My boss was not at work so I called him up and gave him the contact number for the news team. Moments later, he called me back stating that the news team were on the way to interview “ME”. Ummm…. okay. I reviewed the topic the news team wanted to discuss and wrote out some sound bites on the dry erase board. When the news team arrived, they announced they wanted to shoot the interview outside. Great. They asked about six questions. I thought I answered all of the questions well, except for one. I watched the news Friday night, not sure of how the interview would turn out. The final interview turned out better than I thought it would. I looked “okay” on camera but more importantly I didn’t sound like an idiot, so that made me feel better. There goes my 15 seconds of fame.

Saturday I spent the morning at Republic Coffee reading the news and having some caffeine. The day before, my wife ran into a guy buying a bicycle at Bargain Hunt. He was purchasing a tandem bicycle for himself and his daughter. BUT… he had already purchased a brand new bicycle that he now wanted to sell. He originally purchased the bicycle for nearly $300 but would sell the bicycle for $100. Fast forward to Saturday. I sent a text message to the guy and we agreed to meet at the Brooks Museum so I could check out the bicycle. The bicycle really was new. It is a Schwinn. I looked up the reviews online and found the only downside of the bicycle was the tape for the rims. Apparently it was just bad tape. Everyone online suggested to change out the tape. The bike is also lighter than my current bicycle.

new bicycle

My new ride.

(New Schwinn Varsity bicycle top, 70’s Schwinn Varsity below)

New tires, rims, brakes, ect. for $100? Sold. I loaded up the bicycle and headed over to Outdoors Inc for some new tubes and rim tape. Outdoors had “some” of what I needed, but not all. I then went over to Peddler to finish my shopping.

I also stopped in at Cash Saver for some beer. I picked up another “build your own” six pack and added six ciders. Good deal and a good variety of beer at Cash Saver on Madison.

After my wife arrived home from work, we went for a run in Cooper Young. As we approached the corner of Cooper Young we saw this. Check this shop out:

kindred spirit

The shop is located next to Java Cabana. Better yet, the shop has some great stuff by Lindsey Archer from right here in Cooper Young. You can get an idea of what she has to offer from her Etsy shop. Thinking of a present for someone who is visiting Memphis, or for family and friends who don’t live in Memphis? Archers art would make EXCELLENT gifts for Christmas, or items to decorate your own home.

After Jogging for a lengthy mile and a half, it was margarita time at Cafe Ole.

margarita cafe ole

Well deserved. We finished our margarita and chips and stopped by home to pick up the bicycles… to ride to Mollys. Yes, I know, they too serve margaritas. So we ordered some food and a margarita.

margarita mollys

Oink. And yes, this margarita was good as well. After stuffing myself with mexican food, it was time to ride home and take a nap. By the way, the new bicycle rides smooth.

Sunday morning, we took a walk thru Cooper Young. No margaritas at 9:00 a.m. (we are not in New Orleans… yet). After our walk, we picked our friend up and headed over to Frida’s on Madison. The girls ordered margaritas

margarita Frida's

and I drank iced tea. We talked and had a good time at lunch.

Arriving home, it was time to work on my new bicycle. I had to move over all the extra’s from my old bicycle to the new bicycle. Seat bag moved. Light moved. Flashing light moved. Tire pump moved. I also had to put new tape in the rims and insert the tire liners. The entire process took some time, but it is complete. The new bicycle is ready for the commute to work. Well almost. I have to order “another” pannier. (I just ordered one for the beer bicycle) The rear pannier rack from the old bicycle will not fit on the new bicycle. I have to order a “front” pannier rack. No worries, but I will have to carry my messenger bag with work clothes on my back tomorrow AND my lunch box as well. I should only have to do this once this week though.

I am interested in the difference my 11.2 mile ride to work will be next week. Faster? Cutting my commute shorter? Lighter bicycle and a BETTER bicycle may change things. We will see tomorrow.

This weekend has kicked my butt. I will see YOU back here for more margaritas, bikes and beers. Cheers.

Memphis Events:

5/14/2013 – McLean Public Meeting discussing bike facility improvements along McLean – 6-8 p.m. Snowden Elementary. Go!

5/17/2013 Bike to Work Day– Ride on down to downtown with others. It’s fun!

8/24/2013 – Midnight Classic Bike Tour– (Midnight – Duh!) Tiger Lane – EXCELLENT! Go!

October 4-6th Bluff City Oktoberfest– Riverside Dr. $5 admission