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Weekend Midtown. And this is another “Double wide, super size, extra-large, make that a double, fully loaded” post.

My day began at Republic Coffee. This is what I saw when I arrived:

gas hole

A picture says a thousand words. I guess it really is a “gas hole”. Some days I run out of things to read while at the coffee shop. Not today. I sat for a good while reading the latest news.

From Lifehacker.com; Commuting by bike: Getting Started. There is some good information in this article. And it is true, I arrive at work fully awake and ready to get started after biking 11.2 miles in the morning. Usually I arrive at work 15 minutes early. The only thing I do different from the article is to take ALL of my work clothes for the week in my messenger bag on Monday instead of taking one set of clothes a day.

Bicycle bag

I keep a back pack at work with everything I need when I arrive at work. Make sure you take a spare tube while riding to work and tools to fix your tire in case of a flat. And add lights for your bike! You CAN commute to work by bicycle. I have been riding to work for nearly two years now. It only takes some planning to do so.

Here is where things get strange. A friend in Texas writes a blog. I have never read her posts. The blog is geared for moms. For some reason, I decided to read a post today. I almost fell out of my chair; there was a picture of ME in her post!

jimmy buffett concert

No. I do NOT remember this Jimmy Buffett concert. Or picture. The photo was taken in the 90’s. And no, I do not remember which city the concert took place in. The last time I ran into my co-worker was several years ago on a plane in Texas. I was returning from a holiday trip in Europe and she was flying back to San Antonio. She was pregnant and our plane was fully loaded. We said our hellos and went our separate ways. Good memories from the past.

After THREE cups of coffee (I like to ride the “caffeine express”) I wanted some wings from Central BBQ. And this is what I saw at the Central Ave location:

central bbq line central location

At 1:00 p.m. the line was out the door and nearly to the street. Memphis In May. The tourists come to eat. There is a downtown Central BBQ location people! Seriously, there needs to be a “neighborhood pass”. If you live in Cooper Young, you can just cut to the front of the line. I’m not kidding. So I went wingless 😦

Next stop; Cash Saver on Madison. I want to try out some new cider. I counted the number of ciders available for “build your own” six-pack.

build your own cash saver

18-20 different kinds of cider at Cash Saver. Are you kidding me? (This includes almost every flavor of Woodchuck produced). I did run into the beer manager Taylor James. We chatted a bit about beer. He said Cash Saver has sold over 1000 “build your own” six packs. Cash Saver is THE game changer in Midtown when it comes to beer. The craft beer selection is HUGE. “Bombers” are available. Cans are available. If you need advice on which beer to choose from, ask TJ. He knows beer and is very helpful. After I picked my ciders

cash saver cider

TJ even rang me up from a side register so I would not have to wait in line to check out. Where can you get customer service like that in town? Not from the big box stores. And the beer prices are CHEAPER at Cash Saver. You other stores better pick up your game, Cash Saver is crushing you.

I did see this pickup at Cash Saver in the parking lot:

real for life

“100% REAL 4 LIFE”. He’s real. 100%.

Speaking of beer… Rufus Sour beer. My Rufus has finally run out.

Rufus Sour Beer

Goodbye Rufus, I will miss you.

Done! Enjoy your weekend. I will see YOU back here for more beers, bikes and wings. And get ready for Cinco de Mayo. Cheers.

Memphis Events:

5/10 – 5/11/13 Memphis Public Library Book Sale – Poplar Location. Go!

5/17/2013 Bike to Work Day– Ride on down to downtown with others. It’s fun!

8/24/2013 – Midnight Classic Bike Tour– (Midnight – Duh!) Tiger Lane – EXCELLENT! Go!

October 4-6th Bluff City Oktoberfest– Riverside Dr. $5 admission