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Manic Monday Midtown. Does anyone need a new bicycle? I know I do. More on that later.

I started the morning at Republic Coffee. Beautiful day for a bike ride to work.

memphis greenline

This was my view on my way to work. Hey, no traffic jams. Very cool. Along the way I noticed a large snake along the trail at Shelby Farms. You don’t see that taking your car to work. Love biking to work.

Later in the afternoon, I noticed a contest via Twitter. I have said it before and I will say it again. If you like a business, follow the business using Twitter. There are often contests to get customers excited about a product. Rewind back to last Friday. I stopped in at Cash Saver on Madison to get a growler of the Rufus Sour beer. I noticed a Yuengling Beer bicycle on display that I guessed would be raffled off at some time.

beer bike

I walked around, but could not find that box where you would register for the bicycle. Back to this afternoon. Cash Saver announced on Twitter that the Yuengling Beer Bicycle would be given away in a contest via Twitter. Just guess how many different beers Cash Saver lets you choose from for the “build your own” six pack. The answer? 252 different beers. (Or “ridiculous”. There are a “ridiculous” number of beers to build your own six pack). So I tweet my answer and think nothing more of it.

I arrived home later this evening and checked Twitter. Cash Saver announced the winner. It was me! I won a beer bicycle! Two things. I bike to work. I drink beer. I also need a new bicycle. (yes that is three things, but I WON A BEER BIKE!) Awesome!

beer bike

I’ve had worse Mondays, let me tell you. Again, join Twitter and follow some of your favorite companies. You never know when you could win something free. And I would say this even if I didn’t win the bicycle. Cash Saver has excellent choices for craft beer AND excellent prices. Thanks Cash Saver.

Done. See YOU back here for more beers, bikes and love. Cheers.

Memphis Events:

5/10 – 5/11/13 Memphis Public Library Book Sale – Poplar Location. Go!

5/17/2013 Bike to Work Day– Ride on down to downtown with others. It’s fun!

8/24/2013 – Midnight Classic Bike Tour– (Midnight – Duh!) Tiger Lane – EXCELLENT! Go!

October 4-6th Bluff City Oktoberfest– Riverside Dr. $5 admission