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Waffle Wednesday people. And the cold weather is alllllmost over with. To celebrate, I think I will ride my bicycle to work tomorrow. Bout time.

When I arrived home, I found a postcard in the mail. Midnight Classic Bike Tour is coming up. Mark your calendars; Saturday 8/24/13. And there is a NEW location. Get ready… the new location is TIGER LANE! That would place the event 5 minutes away from where I live! AWESOME! Heck yeah! I only have one word to say… BEEEEEEERRRRRR! Not a problem getting home that evening. The ride is 17 miles or so.

Let's ride!

Let’s ride!

Midnight Classic Bike Ride Route Map 2012

Midnight Classic Bike Ride 2012 Fat Tire

(I have a video of the ride from last year on the laptop somewhere. Maybe I should find the video and post it…) The above map is outdated btw; loved me the cold beer at the end of the ride last year. F.Y.I. I went from the front of the beer line to the back of the line for beer, again and again. Last year I rode along with some friends at an easy pace. I could have picked up speed, but I loved riding along slower in the cool night air with others. The event is excellent; do not let the miles scare you. Everyone has a great time.

I purchased a couple of CD’s from Amazon.com. First up is Fleetwood Mac, Rumours.

Good songs on the album. Stevie Nicks took ONE songwriting class in her life. I guess she took the right class. But still, there are some songs on this CD; “Go Your Own Way”, “Don’t Stop”, “The Chain”, “Dreams”, “Gold Dust Woman” & “You Make Loving Fun”.

“Ah… you’re getting soft?” I also received the new Anthrax cover CD “Anthems“.

Anthrax covers songs from bands like Rush, AC/DC, Journey, and Thin Lizzy. The group does an excellent job playing the classic tunes. Rock on. Good music to listen to while out riding tomorrow.

Did a small amount of work on the Raspberry Pi tonight. Figured out the keyboard problem; ordered ANOTHER cable from freakin’ China (really); fixed the mouse error problem; and am currently downloading the game Open Arena. (Might take FOREVVVVER since I am downloading the game directly to the Pi using a SLOW wifi utility. Not sure where the game would be placed in the SD Card if I used my windows laptop to download the game).

Done! Time for beer. See YOU back here for more BIKES, BEERS, and Raspberry Pi. Cheers.

Memphis Events:

3/28/13 7:00 p.m. Italian Film Festival Human Cargo – University of Memphis FREE!

3/29/2013 Trolley Night – S. Main Friday evening. FREE! Go!

4/2/13 7:00 p.m. Italian Film Festival Caesar Must Die – University of Memphis FREE!

4/6/13 10 – 1 The Cooper Young Farmers Market Crawfish Boil  $13.00.

4/13/13 Overton Square Crawfish Festival 12-6p.m. Get your mudbugs!

4/19/13 Broad Ave. Spring Arts Walk – 5-10 p.m. FREE! Go!

4/20/13 V&E Greenline Art Walk – 11:30 – 6 p.m. FREE! Go buy some art!

4/20/13 The Harbor Town Crawfish Festival 2-8 p.m.

4/21/13 Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival – 12-6 p.m. FREE (admission) Get yourself some mudbugs.

4/27/13 Southern Hot Wing Festival – 11-6 p.m. $7.50 (advance) Go! I LOVED this event last year.

5/17/2013 Bike to Work Day – Ride on down to downtown with others. It’s fun!

8/24/2013 – Midnight Classic Bike Tour – (Midnight – Duh!) Tiger Lane – EXCELLENT! Go!

October 4-6th Bluff City Oktoberfest – Riverside Dr. $5 admission