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Manic Monday Midtown. Much to discuss so let’s get started.

Yes the temperature outside is still cold. Get on with it. I’m ready for warmer bicycle riding weather.

It must be Monday. I arrived at work today to find half of our parking cones missing, and used on the other side of the lot by a “nameless” event. Hmmmm…. I called my boss asking him if anyone asked to use our parking cones. Nope. So I go and have a talk to the event manager about our missing cones, that ended up being used for their event. Me “Uh, I noticed our parking cones were missing this morning” Her – “What are you talking about?” Me – “Yeah, those cones you’re using for YOUR event… your crew took them for your event.” Her – “It’s not like we are going to take them with us.” Me – (Speechless. YOU ALREADY TOOK THE CONES WITHOUT ASKING!) “Uh, can you put the cones back when you are finished?” I have worked THOUSANDS of events in the past and never took property that didn’t belong to me to use for an event. PLAN AHEAD. BRING WHAT YOU NEED FOR YOUR EVENT. You should have brought your OWN parking cones, or at least asked if you could borrow them before taking ours.

Memphis Beer Week was announced today. I wasn’t sure what I expected, but the events listed are over the top. Can’t make one event? The same event happens at a different time and location. Like sour beer? There is a sour event. Like a specific brewery? There are many to choose from. Seriously, I sat down and mapped out some of my favorite events. There are so many events, I doubt any one person can attend every one of them. Basically, you have to look at the times and locations of each event. Then get a pen and draw a map. “I can go here first, then move on to this event over here later”. Here are some of my favorites:

Sunday –

Flying Saucer Downtown- Sour Hour Event- 4 pm. Tapping the New Belgium /Yazoo Collaboration sour beer, plus we will have Wayan Sour, New Belgium La Folie, Yazoo Sour Saison- all beers will be paired with local deserts from bakeries and pastry shops.

Aldo’s Pizza Pies- Ghost River Noble Peace Prized Porter Tapping, tapping this keg at 5 pm

(Start at 4:00 p.m. then move over to Aldo’s at 5:00 p.m.)

Monday –

Flying Saucer Downtown- Stone Brewing Co. Event, tapping Pale Ale, Cali-Belgie, Vertical Epic ’12, Sublimely Self Righteous, Double Bastard. 5 Stone beer flights- $10


Central BBQ Downtown-New Belgium and Yazoo Beer Dinner-7pm, come try the NBB/Yazoo collaboration sour beer, plus other New Belgium and Yazoo beers paired with the famous Central BBQ cuisine.

Tuesday –

Flying Saucer Downtown – tapping up an Abita Vanilla Double Dog firkin


Cash Saver Midtown- Brooklyn Brewery tasting- 4- 6 pm OINK!

Wednesday –

Flying Saucer Cordova and Downtown- Glass for this night will be the 2013 Memphis Beer Week Glass- will most definitely sell out quick, don’t miss it. We will also be tapping 3 awesome Brooklyn Brewery brands that night, Brooklyn Silver Anniversary Lager, Vintage Black Chocolate Stout, Vintage Monster Ale– Double oink.


Buster’s- Belgium Beer Sampling Event-5-6:30, hosted by Steve Barzizza. Steve knows his beer. I took a beer class from him several years ago.

Thursday –

Young Avenue Deli- New Belgium Brewing firkin night from 7-9 pm, firkin TBA, but it’s from New Belgium.

Friday –

The big daddy event “Flying Saucer Downtown-7 pm, The Golden Ticket Beer Sampling Event, 25 person seated event, tasting 13 of the rarest and best beers we could find. Industry VIP, local craft beer enthusiasts, Saucer VIP – and maybe YOU. We will give away one ticket in each Memphis Flying Saucer location, see server for details.” I want that golden ticket! Friday night will probably be “Beer Heaven” at the Saucer.

Again, there will be MANY events with many different kinds of beer. I suggest you try a sour if you never have had one before. See more about the Memphis Beer Week here.

And even better… my Raspberry Pi Laptop is now working!

raspberry pi laptop

After waiting for a part to arrive from China of all places, the contraption works. I have spent hours trying to get the micro-computer to work on the Atrix Lapdock. After noodling with the programming a bit, the thing lit up and worked. I even cheered when the damn thing started. FYI, the contraption cost a total of $100 for a working laptop. Surf the web? Check. Add audio files and video files? Check. Play video games? Check. I still need to reconfigure the keyboard (currently the Pi-Top is configured to a wireless keyboard). My plan is to reset the pi back to factory settings (taking out the wireless keyboard settings), then installing a clean version of Pi. This SHOULD work. I hope. One small step for me… I will probably set up a separate Pi Page with different Pi experiments I am working on.

Plans for tomorrow? The Italian Film Festival at University of Memphis. Should be a good show and it is FREE.

Done. Time for a cheap beer from Cash Saver. I will see YOU back here for more Memphis Beer Week, Raspberry Pi and parking cones. Cheers.

Memphis Events:

3/26/13 7:00 p.m. Italian Film Festival One More Day – University of Memphis

3/27/2013 – 7:00 p.m. Girls Pint Out – Young Ave. Deli – Women, get some GOOD beer at Y.A.D. and raise your glasses to BEER! Go!

3/28/13 7:00 p.m. Italian Film Festival Human Cargo – University of Memphis

3/29/2013 Trolley Night – S. Main Friday evening. Go!

4/2/13 7:00 p.m. Italian Film Festival Caesar Must Die – University of Memphis

4/6/13 10 – 1 The Cooper Young Farmers Market Crawfish Boil  $13.00.

4/13/13 Overton Square Crawfish Festival 12-6p.m. Get your mudbugs!

4/19/13 Broad Ave. Spring Arts Walk – 5-10 p.m. FREE! Go!

4/20/13 V&E Greenline Art Walk – 11:30 – 6 p.m. FREE! Go buy some art!

4/20/13 The Harbor Town Crawfish Festival 2-8 p.m.

4/21/13 Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival – 12-6 p.m. FREE (admission) Get yourself some mudbugs.

4/27/13 Southern Hot Wing Festival – 11-6 p.m. $7.50 (advance) Go! I LOVED this event last year.

5/17/2013 Bike to Work Day – Ride on down to downtown with others. It’s fun!

October 4-6th Bluff City Oktoberfest – Riverside Dr. $5 admission